June 4, 2019

DIY Chalkboard Lettering || Abby's Birthday

DIY chalkboard lettering

Chalkboard lettering DIY


Chalkboard lettering DIY
Directions for Folding Menu Sign:

||  Step 1  ||
I painted the folding menu sign frame white paint with 3 coats (if you want white!).

||  Step 2  ||
Next, I painted the folding menu sign with chalkboard paint to get that true black color.

Directions For Fancy Chalkboard Wording:
Chalkboard lettering DIY

||  Step 1  ||
First, I ordered the custom wording on Etsy here.

||  Step 2  ||
Then I enlarged the image (16x20) at FedEx and printed out the enlarge image.  

Chalkboard lettering DIY

||  Step 3  ||
Next, I scratched the back of print out with compressed graphite.

Chalkboard lettering DIY

||  Step 4  ||
Then I taped the print out to the menu sign with painters tape.

Chalkboard lettering DIY

||  Step 5  ||
I traced the letters with a pencil.

||  Step 6  ||
Then I removed the print out and tape.

Chalkboard lettering DIY

||  Step 7  ||
Lastly, I traced & filled in markings with a chalk marker.

||  Step 8  ||
Style & enjoy!

This entire project takes a couple of days only because the Etsy shop needs 24-48 hours to send you the custom design and get your approval before emailing the final downloadable image. It was much cheaper than you think! $10-$15 well worth it if you're like me and can't do fancy chalkboard lettering to save your life. Once I recieved the personalized download image, it took a day to complete.

  Let me know if you have any questions! 

Warmly, Steph

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