June 13, 2019

Father's Day Gift || DIY

Fathers Day gift DIY

For the second year in a row now, I’ve done this gift idea on Father’s Day for Steve and since it’s his favorite gift to get (I only know this because he told me) I thought I'd share! Especially after hearing over in Instagram that all of you were interested. 

 A personal slide show seems very much, like yeah Steph. I get it. Slide shows are something anyone can put together! 

However for Father's Day, I make sure to keep each photo and the overall theme focused on Steve and his girl (soon to be girls!) Along with a few other ideas to make it fun and surprising for him.  

So below are the 6 categories I set for myself in helping me deicide which photo to use and or take as it makes the entire process so much faster! Easier, and more enjoyable.

|| 6 Photo Categories || 
For Making A Special Father's Day Slide Show

Fathers Day gift DIY

 ||  1  || 
 "Steve & Abby"

Fathers Day gift DIY
 ||  2  |
"Just Abby" photos (Steve's favorite ones)

||  3  ||
3-4 video clips of our favorite moments captured. 
(Our full gender reveal video is here)
Fathers Day gift DIY

||  4  ||
Secretly recreate 3-4 photos from last spring/summer. This could also just be done as a gift too! Side by side comparison shot.
(Warming: it's really fun yet emotional)

Fathers Day gift DIY

||  5  ||
A few candid moments (catching emotion such as laughter here)

Fathers Day gift DIY

||  6  ||
A few favorite family moments/times from the year
(The main focus is fatherhood!)

Fathers Day gift DIY

The Details: Putting It All Together

Organize photos in order from last years June to now.
Add music
Adjust speed
Give your slide show a title
Connect slide show from computer to T.V. using a display adaptor cable
Supply tissues, lots! : )

This project takes me 1-2 hours to complete, although I already have all the images downloaded onto my computer. It's just a matter of dropping them into an album and organizing them. Hopefully this gave you idea on how to create one that can be a bit more personal, emotional, surprising, and fun!

Happy Father's Day weekend to you and your man.

Warmly, Steph

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