June 8, 2020

Abby's 4th Unicorn Birthday || Social Distance

4th unicorn birthday
4th unicorn birthday4th unicorn birthday
unicorn social distance birthday unicorn social distance birthday 4th unicorn birthday4th unicorn birthday4th unicorn birthday
4th unicorn birthday
4th unicorn birthday
4th unicorn birthday

Happy Big 4th Birthday dear Abby! I can't believe how incredibly happy and loving you are in all you do! I truly adore your kindness for others and I promise to help nurture this quality within you for years to come! Your soul is meant to shine bright + help change our world! 

Love, Mama

4th unicorn birthday
Birthday prep

3 weeks before:
Emailed entire family + asked them to sign up for a FaceTime call. Then write + send a text, email, mail a card, etc on why they loved Abby. All of them sent a gift : )

1 week before:
Emailed everyone the time they signed up for + asked if changes needed to be made!

1 day before:
Wrapped everyones gift the night before of her big day! + "magically" decorated the downstairs. 
(Heads up! I was up until 2am making all the "magic" happen as we all do.. for our little ones) 

Abby's Birthday!
Blew up star balloons + clear confetti balloon. Then attached them to each gift/family.

Woke up Abby + surprised her with a unicorn healthy breakfast! 
(Toast, yogurt, sprinkles + berries)

 little sis was up first! Placed the gift outside our door + rang the doorbell!
This kicked off the day! 

Every hour the doorbell would "ring" for Abby! She would then open up a card + gift from someone in our family at which point we would immediately call to "thank them" and they would wish her a very Happy 4th Birthday!

The day was magical. 

4th unicorn birthday
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