June 22, 2020

Girls Gift Guide

girls gift guide

4 year old

Pink polka dot pool 
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baby girls gift guide

1 year old

These were almost all of the girls favorite things! Mini ice cream shop, cake pop play set + cash register have been continued hits over here! (I do keep the coins and dollar bills from the cash register up high for Emma right now) though Abby LOVE's playing shop with all of us! Candy shop, sweet shop, milk shop. shoe shop you name it... we've done it.

Hopefully there's one or two fun ideas here for you + your little ones while we're all close to home! Anything that sparks the imagination + supports creativity seems to really encourage Abby in going back + playing with the toy again... a new adventure each time! + Something I myself, find very helpful! ; )

Hope all is well with you + big virtual hug mom friend!

Warmly, Steph

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