February 2, 2022

DIY Valentine Photo Idea

 DIY Valentine Photo gift for Dad/Grandparents/or yourself!😉by turning a cardboard box inside out (once again over here) in making a littles photo shoot turn into art + play! + yes at the end a little pull in the cardboard basket box was in order to really let them feel the “floating affect” + thus gave us smiles for the picture + supplies? What we used exactly is listed below!

Card Stock
(left over from MMDC craft kits?!)
Curling Ribbon
Helium Tank
Oh Craft knife 
(or something close to it at home)

My 5 year could help paint over the squares + depending on your littles fine motor skills they could also help fold + cut the squares.

If you look closely, we added on this pink garland up front to really make the box look like a “hot air balloon basket.” 

Up next is our Daddy-Daughter brunch tradition! I’ll start showing a bit of it on Saturday as I’m setting up!!

 Warmly, Steph 

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