February 18, 2022

Rainbow RainCloud + Sun Toy Shakers


paper plate crafts for kids
paper plate crafts for kids
paper plate crafts for kids
paper plate crafts for kids
Rainbow RainCloud Shaker

Video demo can be seen here.


Folded paper plate in half

Cut wave shape on the ends paper plate

(while folded to make a perfect match)

Mark popsicle width by placing popsicle underneath fold section of paper plate.

Mark 2 lines on either side 

(So 4 total with 2 on either side of popsicle)

Cut in on all lines marked

Used pencil to help pull ribbon through 

by wrapping over pencil point

Add uncooked noodles or cereal 

Glue gunned top wave pieces together

Shake for noise + fun!

Sun Shaker

Video demo coming to Instagram 2/21


Cut off waffle section of paper plate

Paint “pop out” side of paper plate gold. Let dry

Glue gun popsicle to middle of paper plate

 (non gold painted side)

Cut 12 triangle shapes (about 2 inches WxD)  

Glue gun triangles to end of paper plate, 

(leaving popsicle clear of any triangles)

Add uncooked noddles or cereal to paper plate 

Glue gun the two paper plate painted pieces together (with gold painted part facing out)

Shake for noise + fun!

If you liked this craft, you might like the Mini Maker Design Co rainbow craft kits coming out this week 2/22 5pm PST seen here.

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