April 26, 2022

Chalk Art For Kids + DIY Chalk Art Stencil

Spring crafts for kidsSpring crafts for kidsSpring crafts for kidsSpring crafts for kids

Thrilled to be starting a 5 week craft series called, "Mini Maker Monday" were each Monday I'm going to share + then teach a kids spring or summer craft we create! Sometimes like today, it'll be a mix of both!!

So once our own sidewalk was covered in kids chalk art, including the front porch + back... I sent a quick text to our neighbor asking if they'd love some "chalk art" from our girls. They said, "Yes!" So we did!

 Everything we used for the outdoor craft/activity as well a few tips on how we made our own DIY stencils for the wording, "Hello Spring" - The Star + The Butterflies is resourced below.

Craft Resources



Chalk Kit (Comes with already made stencils)

Basket Sold Out (similar here!) Maybe spray paint gold?!

Satin Ribbon

Heavy Duty Card stock (for DIY chalk lettering stencil)

Scissors (My long time fav!)



Exacta Knife

spring crafts for kids

Making Tips:

"Hello" Font BFC Coffee Shop

"Spring" Font Circuit Sans

Butterflies outline is from our feet! Both my daughter + mine. As for the "Hello Saying," I had to cut both words in almost half. Then glue them all together to create one single word stencil in the size we wanted (larger enough to cover our bodies side-by-side). An example of this can seen on Instagram here or TikTok here.

Come follow on either platform for the next, "Mini Maker Monday" craft!

Warmly, Steph

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