May 16, 2022

3D Cool Treats Craft || Kids Summer Activities

kids summer activities
kids summer craft
kids summer craft
kids summer craft
Paint noodles in plastic bags hack from once again  prettytlifegirls
kids summer craft
kids summer craft
3D Cool Treats Craft with noddles for week 4 of Mini Maker Design Cos 5 week series where I share a kids craft each week before the end of May!

This week  we reused our Mini Maker Design Co craft kit boxes (1 box = 2 pieces of rectangle to paint + make) and if you don’t happen to have one in your house, an old box of noddles, Amazon prime or cracker box turned inside out would work too.

3D Cool Treats Craft Supplies:

Cardboard box 

Shell + Long Uncooked Noddles 

Acrylic Paint (In desired colors)

Plastic Sandwich Bags




Painters Tape (For Painting w/Littles Hack) shown here. 

Then if you liked this kids summer craft, you might like weeks 1-3 of our Mini Maker series below.

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Now that I have a iPhone after being MIA for 3 days, we’re ready to get back at it! And share along the way!


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