August 8, 2023

Craft Storage x Time Capsule for 2+ Kids


craft storage time capsule

4+ years of capturing my girls imaginations, creativity, free spirits + how they view the world, me, family, and a few other special memories using this craft storage system x time capsule. Except this school year, I'm officially dividing it into 2 bins, one for each girl! 

Both are personalized to help distinguish whose is who's + why color coded as well? (Because it's just fun) The girls names are actually a DIY (I made them) though you can order premade custom words off of Etsy! : )

+The best part? As a mom, I love how each stage is organized in showing my daughters growth for all areas of art, writing + gift giving as time goes on. 

Want to make one? 

Supplies + what I used over the years, below

White lettering is a DIY (vinyl)

+ I wish all of you a wonderful crafty year filled with lots of little art treasures to add for your craft storage x time capsule. Wink! wink!

Warmly, Steph

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