May 7, 2020

Paper Plate Crafts || Summer

paper plate craft narwhal
Narwhal demo can be found by clicking here for full YouTube tutorial.

Unicorn Pool Float paper plate! Craft video demo can be  found here, and keep in mind this one is certainly advanced! However at the end of the demo I share a few ideas on how you can simplify this one!

Paper Plate Craft mermaid tail
Mermaid Tail
Click  here to see full video demo!

Paper Plate Craft seashell
Pink Seashell
Click  here, for a full video demo on how we made our seashell.

Paper Plate Craft summertime girls
Click here to see full video demo on how we made our girls into summertime girls : )

It's been so fun to hear and see how these crafts are helping you and your little ones while we're all at home! + I'd LOVE to see what you end up creating! Feel free to tag me over in Instagram so I can see, share + highlight you + your creativity! 

Warmly, Steph

May 6, 2020

Paper Plate Crafts || Spring

paper plate craft swan
Swan Paper Plate Craft
For a full video demo on how we made her, click here!

paper plate craft daisy
Daisy Paper Plate Craft
Click here, to see a full video demon on how we made our daisy.

paper plate craft rainbow
Pink + Purple Rainbow Paper Plate Craft
(Full video demo coming soon!)

paper plate craft baby chicks
Hatching Chicks Paper Plate Craft
(Full video demo coming soon!)

paper plate craft floral bunny
 Floral Bunny Head Paper Plate Craft
(Full video demo coming soon!)

If you liked these, you might like our "Summer paper plate crafts,"  found here.  We will be extending our Tuesday Paper Plate series over in Instagram until the end of May! Since all of you are LOVING these crafts so much. Double yay hands!! 

Warmly, Steph

May 1, 2020

Mom Style At Home

Slippers (since 2014)
My FAVORITE cardigan (of all time)
Pink blouse
Black leggings (seriously worth it!!)

These are by far my favorite things to wear right now! (which many of you have asked about over in Instagram) so I also rounded up of what I typically wear + or would buy for myself over on the shop page, here. Many of you asked for cardigans and of course, I'm in my UGG slippers all the time.,,, so that had to make the list. : )

I just recently purchase this sweater next to my FAVORITE coffee mug to date (this ones very similar too!) . Hopefully these ideas help just in time for Mothers Day! As buying myself something online is what my husband will be gifting me this year... he just doesn't know it yet.... Thanks Steve ; )

+ Stay safe sweet friends!

Warmly, Steph

April 15, 2020

Celebrating Easter || Ideas And Crafts

Easter ideas
DIY floral bunny crown door mat (full tutorial over in Instagram highlights)

Easter ideas
Easter Eve Eve dessert spread

Easter ideas And Crafts
DIY marshmallow bunnies (full recipe here)

Easter ideas And Crafts
Easter ideas And Crafts
Sister matching DIY bunny tail tutu's (full tutorial over in Instagram highlights)

Easter ideas And Crafts
Started a paper plate series with the floral bunny face (full tutorial(s) over in Instagram highlights)

Easter ideas And Crafts
 Bunny cookies (full tutorial over in Instagram highlights)

Easter ideas And Crafts
Easter ideas And Crafts
Decorated easter eggs with paint pens. Still learning natural dye technique ; )

Easter ideas And Crafts
Enjoyed cake pop Friday at home!

Easter ideas And Crafts
Made Abby "mini bunny ears!" Floral clips C/O Lulebloom

Easter ideas And Crafts
DIY Easter cards for family using water colors C/O Elliepiperandco

Easter ideas And Crafts
Gifted the girls pjs the night before + matching floral clips 

Easter ideas And Crafts

The girls and I wish you and your family many wonderful years celebrating Easter! 
For he has risen, risen indeed!!

Warmly, Steph

April 2, 2020

Homemade Bunny Marshmallows

homemade bunny marshmallows
homemade bunny marshmallows
homemade bunny marshmallows

Butter (grease pan)
Confectioners’ sugar for coating pan + making shapes!
1 (1/4 ounce) unflavored powered gelatin envelopes
1 cup granulated sugar
2/3 cup light corn syrup
1/8 teaspoon salt
2 teaspoons pure vanilla extract

homemade bunny marshmallows


|| 1 ||
Coat cooking pan with butter and then add on a thin layer of confectioners’ sugar.

||  3  ||
In a heavy saucepan combine granulated sugar, corn syrup, salt and 1/3 cup of water. Play over heat and bring to boil. Stir until sugar is dissolved. Continue to boil without stirring for 1 minutes. Remove from heat and let sit for 10 seconds.

||  4  ||
Turn mixer to low speed and pour hot syrup into the softened gelatin while gradually increasing the mixer speed to high and beat for 5-7 minutes until marshmallows form a thick whisk. Then put mixer on low and add in vanilla extract. 

||  5  ||
Using a spatula scrape the marshmallow into your coated (butter + confectioners’ sugar) into the pan. Let sit at room temperature for 4 hours-overnight.

||  6  ||
Sprinkle confectioners’ sugar onto a large clean surface or cutting board, for your "marshmallow making shape space." Then, using a rubber spatula and sprinkles of confectioners’ sugar, pull the entire flay lay of marshmallow out of the pan and onto your "marshmallow making shape space."

||  7 ||
Spray your desired cookie cutter with nonstick cookie spray and or lightly coat with butter. Then dust cookie cutter with confectioners’ sugar to prevent sticking. Lastly, you can make your shapes! and have fun!

Happy Easter friends! Stay safe : )

Warmly, Steph

March 25, 2020

Kids Paper Plate Craft Series || Tuesdays

Week 1: Floral Bunny
kids paper plate craft
Every Tuesday over in  Instagram I'll be sharing a new paper plate craft idea that you can do with your little ones! Same supplies each week and all found at your local grocery store. Construction paper, scissors, glue stick + paper plates! There's tons of great ideas on Pinterest which I collected a bunch of favorites from others over on my  Pinterest  account found  here. It's my hope this weekly craft series will bring a bit of light + support to you and your home during this time! 

Stay safe friends!

Warmly, Steph

Week 2  ||  Catching Baby Chicks
hatching baby chicks paper plate craft

Wee 3 || Scallop Clouds With A Pink + Purple Rainbow
paper plate craft

Week 4  ||  Daisy

paper plate craft

Week 5 ||  Target Swan
paper plate craft
Week 6?!

See over in Instagram! 

Warmly, Steph

March 19, 2020

Girls Easter Basket || Baby + Toddler

Girls Easter Baskets
Girls Easter Baskets
Girls Easter Baskets
Girls Easter Baskets
Girls Easter Baskets

The girls Easter basket this year comes with a giveaway for all of you!

In the next few days, be sure to check Instagram as we've come together to bless a handful of you mama's with the small shop items in my girls Easter's basket this year! Just a way my husband and I would like to support and bless these talented and hard working women along with a handful of you!! And as I said in the story loop, if you're able to financially support any of these women... "Thank you!" from the bottom of my deep appreciated heart!!!

Abby's Basket (3.7 years)
Metal basket w/handle||  Personalized wooden bunny name tag C/O Modern Birch Co  ||  Bunny pull over C/O The Wishing Elephant ||  Hop Flag C/O Whimsical Darlings Co || S Doll C/O Cuddle + Kind  ||  Ice cream bubbles C/O Elli + Piper Co  ||  Water colors C\O Ellie+Piper  || Surprise carrots C/O Ellie Piper Co ||  Bunny hair ties C/O Josie Joans  || Floral clips C/O Josie Joans  || Polka dot pigtails bows C/O Wild Clover Baby Child ||  Felt ball necklace C/O Little Blue Olive  ||  Bunny plate  ||  White sandals || Rainbow bracelet || White flower sun glasses || Pink strip Pjs || Glitter bunny headband

Emma's Basket (9 months)
Metal basket w/handle ||  Personalized wooden bunny name tag C/O Modern Birch Co  || Bunny onesie C/O The Wishing Elephant  ||  Made of Magic Flag C/O Whimsical Darlings Co  ||  Mermaid doll C/O Cuddle + Kind  ||  Surprise carrot C/O Ellie Piper Co  ||  Pink bunny bonnet C/O Little Bow Co Canada  ||  Polka dot bow C/O Wild Clover Baby Child  ||  Bunny plate  || Pink strip Pjs || Baby carrot food and snacks all from Target  ||  Glitter bunny headband || White flower sun glasses


March 6, 2020

Pink + Magical Fun Finds

pink and magical rainbows

With Spring ALMOST official here and Easter right around the corner I thought it would fun to gather up all the pink + magical things we've been doing and seeing lately! (Oh! I guess this also works for St. Pattys Day too! At least for us) Such as our pink rainbow cookies we did this week which is saved to story highlights over in Instagram with the full "tutorial" : ) and royal icing recipe can be found here. 

As all of you know how much I LOVE Pearl + Jane garlands! I realize her star's aren't currently listed at this time (which I'll be sure to keep you in the loop on that!) as Amy's garlands are always my first choice when it comes to  making holiday festive childhood magic within the home. However, these options are great brands if you want to "sprinkle" some holiday magic in your kids play room for St. Patty's Day. : )

Happy pink + magical weekending!!

Warmly, Steph

February 14, 2020

Valentines Day || Ideas + DIYs

valentines day gifts and ideas celebrating
valentines day gifts and ideas celebrating
2 decorating ideas with royal icing! 
(Video + full details are saved in  Instagram in story highlight "DIY Valentine")

Icing Recipe
1 pound of confectioners sugar
4 egg whites
1 tablespoon of vanilla extract
Wisk + stir!

valentines day gifts and ideas celebrating
Decorated the girls rooms and the down stairs with some of our favorites

valentines day gifts and ideas celebrating
Surprised my family with a Daddy-Daughter (x2) brunch!
(Full details, click here)

valentines day gifts and ideas celebrating
10 heart shades + pink flowers for Abby's class Valentines
 (Video tutorial saved to Instagram highlights "DIY Valentines")

valentines day gifts and ideas celebrating
valentines day gifts and ideas celebrating
DIY Valentine Gift to Dad from girls
(Full details saved to Instagram highlights "DIY Valentine")

Heart Air Balloon Valentines Day Basket! Full details found here for links. Video tutorial on how to make it is saved over in Instagram under story highlights called "Basket * Day." 

For more fun ideas you might like the "Valentines Day Fun Finds" post  here and or this  last minute gift idea! Happy heart Holiday friends! Hope you enjoyed this "jot" and as always, it's such a joy to be in motherhood with you!

Warmly, Steph