November 8, 2020

DIY Christmas Doormat

DIY christmas doormat

 Yes! Let's! Merry alllll the things! For the first time in my entire life, we'll be decorating for Christmas before Thanksgiving! Call it 2020 or call it pure joy. This holiday season is one I'm beyond excited for as it's all about making memories within the home. Perfect for motherhood in 2020!

Details for DIY doormat


M E R R Y (Arial size 300)     

all the things (Brush Script size 400)


Blank doormat linked here!

rotary knife 


Black acrylic paint

Tiny + round paint brush

(Made my own DIY stencil using card stock paper) Then details on how I actually painted  the mat can be found over in Instagram under my story highlights called, " DIY Christmas" + or "DIY doormats."

Ts The Season for all things merry...

Warmly, Steph

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