November 10, 2020

Girls Gift Guide || Little Maker


girls gift guide little maker

Create murals on, signs, pathways for mini cars, backgrounds for barbies, toys etc 

Get into the festive spirit while crafting + it's just cute!

Just use soap + water and this polish comes right off! 

A favorite over here! + I love that it comes package in a gift box!

Thin + thick tip markers with a fun case to keep them in

This just looks way, way too fun!

The name seems fitting as I can only image all the possibilities with the sparkly craft supplies in here

These come in matching mommy + me slippers too! I just order Abby and I pair for our soon to be happy crafting feet

I love that it's something you can just lay flat, grab your markers or crayons + let your little mini maker roll with it (literally!)

My goal for this gift guide was to help bring some new + fresh crafting supplies and ideas for your little makers creative soul. And although a few things on here are specific to my daughter most are also gender neutral! As I grew up with two brothers + crafted all the time with my mom : )

I'll have another gift guide coming soon!

Warmly, Steph

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