November 9, 2020

Maker Mama || Favorite Things

maker mama favorite things

Every crafty mom needs an award : )

We have 2! One for crayons + another for color pencils

This has been on my wish list for months! Love that it has a lid

Remember these from the giveaway? Very high quality + holds all our 45 pink paints colors

Pink slippers
For early mornings + late nights, treating those feet right

This is my FAVORITE year round coffee mug! I still use mine weekly

The color, it rolls. Enough said : )

We use ours on the dinning room table weekly to save our table

Almost all of these we already own + LOVE! Hope you enjoyed seeing them all rounded up together + then each day this week I'll roll out a gift guide leading up to Friday. Ts' the season! + now let's go merry all the things.

Warmly, Steph

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