October 3, 2018

5 Beach Tips For Babies & Toddlers

(Ages 8 months - 2.8 years)

We started taking Abby to the beach when she was just barely 8 months old (a very typical PNW mom thing) and every time we go, our beach adventures bring a little more joy than the previous one. 

This last beach vacation was our best one yet! And I believe it’s because of two things: (1) she gets a little more independent with each trip and (2) we have learned a few things as parents that make for a great time at the beach!

So, on our way back in the car last week, I started to think about why and how this trip with Abby was the easiest, even compared to the beach trips we made with her at 8 months and 17 months. Was it her? Us? A little of both?

I believe the answer is C. All of the above!

However, there are certainly a few things we do now that we didn’t do on our first trip. So in addition to showing you how beautiful the Pacific Northwest shorelines are (proud PNW mom here),I thought I would share 5 things that have helped us over the past two years relax at the beach (as best as parents can) while Abby advances from crawling, to walking, to running onto the sand...  : ) 

5 Beach Tips 
For Babies And Toddlers
||  1  ||
Sand Castle Tools

Having something in addition to the ocean itself was so helpful!  Even though Abby is well out of the “putting everything in the mouth stage," we have found that sand buckets and shovels keep her focused and happy for at least an hour! Especially with a set that has animal moldings and or different shapes and sizes for making sand castles. We got ours here at an end of summer sale for $6 and I also really like this one(The off season is a great time to stock up!)

||  2  ||
Fold Up Mat

I purchased this outdoor blanket right before our very first family trip to the beach because we wanted to try and keep sand out of Abby’s mouth and our belongings equally. 

It was so nice to sit down for a bit and build sandcastles, which allowed me to truly enjoy the sights and sounds of the beach. I really love ours because you can easily wipe or shake the sand off while you’re at the beach and then fold it up, leaving the straps out to cross over your body. 

||  3  ||
Baby Powder

If the beach you’re visiting doesn’t have a wash off station, we have found keeping baby powder in your diaper bag helps immediately get all the sand off your little one’s legs, feet and arms. Especially if they are one and under, we have found this tip to be extremely helpful when transitioning to the beach, car, restaurant or boardwalk. 

||  4  ||

I switched my regular diaper bag out for a backpack when Abby was 8 months old right before we went to visit family. And I knew having my hands free to get through security, visit the beach, the zoo, and walk around down town was going to be extremely helpful! I haven’t used the other diaper bag since.

||  5  ||

For the past two years, every summer I get Abby saltwater sandals. They are perfect for sandy beaches because they are made to get wet in the ocean, a pool, a sprinkler etc. and then walk right onto the sidewalk without ever taking them off. 

And it may not be “beach weather” where you’re currently at however I know some of you may be going soon, so be sure to pin now and save for later!

Warmly, Steph

Goodbye beach, until next time...

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