October 10, 2018

DIY // Pink Halloween Decorations

(Toddler Friendly)
Halloween decorations DIY

Today’s post is very quick because the idea is simple (which I love) yet classic and still beautiful for adding a little Halloween décor to any playroom or toddler space.

Abby has been in love with our blue and white pumpkin porch decor, which I shared about earlier on the blog here. So I decided to give her own play space (inside where it’s warm) a little Halloween love by painting 3 faux pumpkins various shades of pink, a kitty cat pillow, and my own DIY multi colored “BOO” sign.

Halloween decorations DIY
 DIY Table & Chairs  //  Kitty cat pillow (sold out)  this one is similar 
Halloween decorations DIY
Pink bow C/O Neon Fawn  //  Kitty Cat Shoes  //  Dress (sold out)
Halloween decorations DIY
The DIY “BOO” sign is Abby's favorite because she tells me all the time, “it’s so cute mama!”

There's a ton of great ways to make a BOO garland however, for our space we have blinds, curtains, and freshly painted walls so I decide to make ours hang! Here’s what I did.

DIY // Pink Halloween Decorations
BOO // 3 Colored Hanging Sign

Card stock paper (black, light pink, dark pink)
Rose gold ribbon
Double sided tape
X-Acto knife

1) In word document, using the calibiri font in bold, size 750, print out your “B” and two “O’s.” 

2) Using scissors, cut around the outside of your letters, if possible use an X-Acto knife for the inside of each letter to create a clean lines.

3) Using a pencil, trace your letters on cardstock paper. 

4) Then repeat step #2 and erase any pencil markings.

5) Tape rose gold string to the top middle of each letter. 

6) Then using double sided tape (or small rounds of tape) place them about every other inch all around your letter.

7) Add the letters twin on top and press firmly to seal them together.

8) Hang one letter at a time on curtain rod.

Option: You can curl a few pieces of rose gold ribbon in between each letter so they stay still. (I did this to photograph them and kept it!)  : )
DIY halloween decorations

Pink Pumpkins:

Faux pumpkins (ours are from Micheals)
Foam bush (size 2 = medium)
Light pink paint (Martha Stewart)
Pink paint (Craft Smart)
Dark pink paint (Martha Stewart)

1) Using a size 1 (medium) foam brush,I painted each pumpkins 3 different shades of pink (3 coats).

3) Using a fine tip paint brush, I painted the stems rose gold (2 coats).

halloween decorations DIY
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Warmly, Steph

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