January 10, 2022

Holiday Storage Hack


Created a new holiday decor + extra craft supply storage system for the year which I'm so so excited to start! As I've heard tons of you do something very similar to this! + a few of you even take photos of what's in your storage to help not only you, though also your spouse know where things are : ) Genius!

Basic concept? + what I'm trying out?! Created DIY labels using this gold vinyl for my all time favorite white storage bins. They hold up fantastic in the garage and are also beautiful to look at (something I appreciate in the garage + our closets!) 

Then I typed up everything inside them on my computer in a list format. Printed it out + placed on top of each bin. This way I can actually remember in a year what we have while also seeing storage wise what we  have room for to add as our collection is still growing. 

Storage Resources

White Storage Bins

Gold Vinyl



I’ll let you know in a year how it works out for us!😉

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