January 19, 2022

Valentine Cookie Treat Hack(s) Drizzle Frosting


3 Valentine Cookie Treat Hack(s) 

|| 1 ||

Drizzled frosting technique over heart shaped sugar cookies from a Martha Stewart magazine I purchased a few years back

|| 2 ||

Sugar cookies pre-made + or from whichever season of motherhood you’re in… (Target, Local Bakery, or handmade) we’ve done them all so far!

|| 3 ||

DIY piping bags from plastic baggies, oh yes! + our royal icing recipe?!👇🏻

Royal icing

1/2 bag of confectioners sugar 

4 egg whites

1 drop of pink + purple frosting 

in two separate bowls. White (no need!) 

MAKING NOTE: video tutorial/Instagram reel, here. + I’ve learned a little bit of water can help your frosting be more “runny” so it drizzles for you. Both with our recipe or pre-made ⭐️ All details/supplies I could sourced here.


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