January 15, 2022

Love Corner Decor

Love decor

Love is in the air x3 over here with these heart hot air balloon craft kits from  Mini Maker Design Co!+ although our home is kept fairly very minimal for Valentines, the girls rooms gets lots of love!! I actually have something new + special planned for my oldest rooms which I’ll create + share both to her and you in 2 weeks. Something I’ve never attempted, yet delighted to give it a whirl! + since we were very curious about all the details of this space over in Instagram, listed is everything I could find below.

Resources for this little sweet spot is below:

 Heart Hot Air Balloon Craft Kit (Mini Maker Design Co)

Gold Star Wall Decor 

Flower Pillow

“You’re Gold” Star Decor - Hobby Lobby 2019


Pink Book (my oldest fav!)

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