January 1, 2022

DIY NYE Noise Makers


Noise makers

Do you have any left over wrapping paper rolls?! We cut one into 4s to make our own  DIY noise makers in helping our girls ring in the New Year for nooner! (count down at 12pm) sandwiched with a  paper plate disco ball craft before + sparkling cider after noon.

To make it truly unique for the holiday, as you can see I cut out "2-0-2-2" from card stock + glue gunned one to each roll. (Glue gunned felt needed in making sure the numbers stayed on as they shook them) Here's what we did!

Wrapping paper roll (makes 4-5)
Wrapping paper (4 styles)
Elmer’s Glue
Glue gun
Rice (inside rolls)
Card stock (gold, pink + silver)
Gold ribbon - optiona

How we made ours:
*Cut wrapping paper roll into 4/5s

Step 1
*Cut card stock squares + glue one wrapping paper roll to end so it covers

Step 2
*Add rice to each wrapping paper roll

Step 3
*Glue gun other wrapping paper side with square card-stock so rice stays in. 

Step 4
*Cut off extra card stock on both ends so it becomes a perfect circle. 

Step 5
*Wrap each wrapping paper roll with different style of wrapping.

Step 6
*Glue gun 2 stars on top by also over lapping one star point of each star to the other.

Step 7
*Glue gun number set I&II to front + back of top portion to your wrapping paper roll as well to the “stars” in the middle so everything creates a tent shape.

*Shake, jump, run + have fun!

Disco Ball Craft “How-To” here.

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