July 20, 2018

Summer Bucket List For Toddlers

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Magical childhood.

What do you think of when you hear those two words?

In our family, Steve and I think of adventures outside, right alongside snowy winter mornings and confetti-cake filled afternoons. We've been intentional about creating classic summer fun whenever we can this season, which is why we've spent most of our time recently outdoors. 

From sprinkler sprints, to flamingo pool splashes, to making homemade popsicles. I'm sure you've seen all of these things and more both here, and over in Instagram. 

In the Pacific Northwest, it is rare for us to reach high 80s - mid 90s for weeks on end (even during the summer season). So this surprise gift from Mother Nature inspired us to create our own summer bucket list for kids right after Abby's 2nd Birthday.

With an extremely hot mid-July and the sense that August is just a week or so away, I feel like a lot of us get this little voice in our head that summer is about to leave. However, for us at least, in the Pacific Northwest, summer and Mother Nature are still very much at the party. And dancing.

So today, I thought I’d would share our summer bucket list for kids (toddler edition) in helping you feel inspired for creating your own magical summer with your little one(s).