January 24, 2019

Bump Style || One Piece, Four Ways

In 2018, style blog posts were one of the most viewed and pinned categories I shared on here. So for our first round in 2019, I'm sooo very excited to include the bump!

With my first pregnancy, dressing the baby bump always felt like a tug-a-war between the body and brain because 1) comfort is king, and 2) feeling pulled together was still a daily goal when walking into the closet. Which is why I’ve secretly challenged myself this last week on...

How to style one piece, four ways that I LOVE! While also wanting to create outfits that used the least amount of "maternity" pieces possible to help stretch my wardrobe. It's an added bonus that everything is under $50! Like the cowl neck sweater I'm wearing however, the Hunter boots are the only thing not under $50 of course.  ; ) 

There are some "non-maternity versions" listed by clicking on the (pink highlighted links), everything else is baby bump friendly. 

I hope these ideas help stretch your pregnant and non-pregnant wardrobe for winter-to-spring months. And as always, thank you for your readership!! I SO appreciate you ladies! 

We have some fun things coming your way in the next few weeks, like a few Valentines Day inspiration ideas and a gender reveal!!!

Warmly, Steph

January 10, 2019

Getting Abby Ready For Baby

Emotionally and physically we have a few things to do for Abby before baby arrives! 

In the beginning we didn’t really say anything to her about me being pregnant until 2 months in and when we finally did, the news went straight over her head!

Every child is different which means reactions to pregnancy and change vary, as Abby has really surprised us lately!  However, when I think about the last 3 months of implementing our warm hearted intentions (listed out below) I'm not at all surprised to see that she gets it, and is VERY excited about BABY! 

To START the conversation, we read books on what becoming a big sis is all about. So instead of changing things, we just adding something to her already schedule routine. Which is reading! Seeing her family and herself in the photos (a mom, dad, sis and baby) while I read the words was key in getting her to understand. We really like Little Miss, Big Sis and Becoming A Big Sis. Everything else we’ve done and plan to do, is listed below.

Timeline To Help Adjust:

Read books on what it means to be a big sis
(1-2 months)

Start talking about where baby is and pointing to mom's belly.
( 3 months)

Made her part of the pregnancy annoucment
(3 months)

Referred to the big sis books and ask what she wants to do with baby
(3-4 months)

Gifted baby doll 
 (3 months, although anytime!)

Joined mom on doctor visits & listen to baby’s heartbeat 
( 4 months, plus get a treat after appointment!)

Timeline For Future: 

Potty training
(4-6 months)

Railing down on crib
(5 months)

Big girl bed
(5-6 months)

Pick out a gift for baby
(8 months)

Meet baby!!!
(9 months)

Ask for grandparents to come to take Abby out the week of baby’s arrival for some fun.
( 9+ months)

Overall What Really Helps
I truly feel because we are making Abby a PART of the pregnancy, that’s the reason she’s SO excited! She gets to be front and center with everything that’s going on around here and its all fun stuff! Which in turn gives Abby a positive experience and relationship to what this whole “new baby ”and “big sis” thing is all about. So, looking back on it now, I'm kind of not surprised to see why she’s so excited!

I’m by nooo means a parenting expert as these are just things we’ve done and also plan to do. I feel like this topic is very rarely talked about, if ever. And as always, I truly feel you know what is best for you and your little ones. I’m just happy to share! 

And I’m sure as we progress through these changes over the next couple of months, this topic will come up again. So I’m curious to know which one, two, or three of the changes  you’d like to see in more depth? 

Feel free to let me know below!

Warmly, Steph

January 8, 2019

Second Trimester || Bump Update

( 17  WEEKS )

Hello second trimester! The stage of pregnancy where laundry is finally folded and put away for the first time in months.  Energy is up, and nesting mode is in high gear! So much so, that I have both a boy and girl inspirational nursery board on Pinterest ready to go!

Gender Reveal Details

And yes! I will eventually be sharing a nursery tour on here, along with the baby's gender. We find out at the end of the month (20 weeks!).  Which means we are going to wait until that last weekend in January/February to do a gender reveal for friends and family.  How we do that exactly is a secret! You’ll just have to wait and be surprised. ; )

I promise … as the last week in January approaches, you’ll know exactly what day we are going to reveal! 

Bump Update ||  17 weeks

For the second trimester, a few things have helped me is this body pillow for sleeping at night. It’s the exact one I used while pregnant with Abby and I love these maternity jeans, as well! They are just as great for postpartum and I swear are the most comfortable brand and cutest pair I have yet to find! You’ll often find me after 7pm in these pants for Abby’s bedtime routine and lounging around the house.

I finally broke down about bought these B6 vitamin drops off Amazon via doctors order because I’m still feeling a little bit of nausea at night (nothing, however, like I did before!) and other than that, I’m starting to feel a few flutters in my belly. No kicks just yet, though little baby is certainly moving!

Hopefully I answered all of your questions! However, let me know below or over in Instagram via DM if you have any others!

Warmly, Steph

January 2, 2019

New Year 2019 || More & Less

new year resolutions

Still cleaning up pine needles and munching on candies and baked goods from friends and family. However, the smell of lavender moving throughout our home from fresh cleaned counter tops and floors provides that “new start” feel which I LOVE!

We have BIG goals coming up in 2019 which include painting and decorating another nursery! I'm so excited to say that in short 6 months we’ll have another little one under our roof!

So, in the spirit of transforming merry + bright to fresh starts and BIG changes in the new year as mothers. I thought I’d share what I'm intentionally working on getting “more of” and “less of” the next 6 months while I change from a mom of one, to two!! 

More new recipes made
Less eating out

More mother-daughter time
Less distractions

More travel and adventures 
Less mindless spending 

More vulnerability 
Less care of judgment

More risks in business
Less fear

More exercise in the morning
Less nap time hustle

 More reading & listening to podcast
Less internet 

new year resolutions
 I hope this helps inspires you to create your own “more of” and “less of” plan. 

May this NEW year be a great one! Because 365 days and 365 new opportunities sounds like a great reason to keep moving forward intentionally.

Warmly, Steph