January 2, 2019

New Year 2019 || More & Less

new year resolutions

Still cleaning up pine needles and munching on candies and baked goods from friends and family. However, the smell of lavender moving throughout our home from fresh cleaned counter tops and floors provides that “new start” feel which I LOVE!

We have BIG goals coming up in 2019 which include painting and decorating another nursery! I'm so excited to say that in short 6 months we’ll have another little one under our roof!

So, in the spirit of transforming merry + bright to fresh starts and BIG changes in the new year as mothers. I thought I’d share what I'm intentionally working on getting “more of” and “less of” the next 6 months while I change from a mom of one, to two!! 

More new recipes made
Less eating out

More mother-daughter time
Less distractions

More travel and adventures 
Less mindless spending 

More vulnerability 
Less care of judgment

More risks in business
Less fear

More exercise in the morning
Less nap time hustle

 More reading & listening to podcast
Less internet 

new year resolutions
 I hope this helps inspires you to create your own “more of” and “less of” plan. 

May this NEW year be a great one! Because 365 days and 365 new opportunities sounds like a great reason to keep moving forward intentionally.

Warmly, Steph