December 29, 2023

Noon Year Eve || DIY Star Balloon Drop

Ringing in the Noon Year Eve with a kids approved (my girls that is!)  simple yet special  DIY Star Balloon Drop to help make the count down to 12pm extra fun! 

Since having kids we've typically stayed in + or gathered with friends to celebrate New Years however it’s always been counting down to 12pm. So this time… I pulled from supplies I already have while also making 2024 letters to stick onto mylar star balloons from the girls bdays (which are also reusable by the way!)

Want to MAKE one for the holiday? 

Star Balloons are all from party city though I found a round up of similar colors online below.

 Rose Pink Star Balloon

Pink Star Balloon

White Star Balloon

Silver Star Balloon

Gold Ribbon

Gaffer Tape (won't ruin paint)

2024 numbers were a DIY, though premade stickers almost the same size  here.

Silver hanging party decor

Air Balloon Pump

I hope this helps you ring in the New Year with kids around as I too love to do something! Yet keep it simple + fun to close up the holiday season. 

You can see a video demo of how I made this,  here.  Enjoy!✨🤸🏻‍♀️

Warmly, Steph

December 20, 2023

Last Minute Gifts-Winter Break Edition

This post was sponsored by Walmart & Mavely though all thoughts, opinions and experiences are my own. Thank you for supporting the brands that support the Mama Jots website and brand!

This DIY handmade gift has been a hit! So I was delighted to see everything we used to make this one can also be found for a quick "buy online/pick-up" from Walmart! 

Gift Idea 1: "Snow Girl/Man" Ornament Kids Craft


Pompom maker

Wooden Blank Ornament

Acrylic Paint (White,  Black,  Orange)

Mod Podge



If you're like me and have a few friendship bracelet making fans in your life, I snagged this beat kit and added on some ribbon + stickers to personalize it.

Gift Idea 2: Mini Bead Kit

Pastel Beads w/Case

Pink Thick Ribbon

Sticker Letters

Gift Idea 3: Top Brand (Melissa + Doug) For Play Food

Grains Play Food

Dairy Play Food

Fruit Play Food

Since we upgraded our play kitchen, Melissa and Doug play food has always been a favorite in house so I was delighted to see they have them too. 

I hope these ideas help you this week! + Merry Christmas Eve-Eve-Eve!

Warmly, Steph 

 Thank you for supporting the brands that support the Mama Jots website and brand!

December 18, 2023

MERRY Gift Wrapping

gift wrap ideas, techniques, Christmas wrapping, pink,
gift wrapping ideas, techniques, Christmas wrapping, pink,
gift wrapping ideas, techniques, Christmas wrapping, pink,
gift wrapping ideas, techniques, Christmas wrapping, pink,
Merry MAKING indeed! 

Taking my girls favorite colors (+mine!) to a whole new level this holiday season with lots of pinks + purples in both soft + bright shades for this Christmas seasons gift wrap. Year after year there's a few tried and true ways I like to layer my ribbons though switch up the colors : ) More details on "HOW" and what I used below...

My Gift Wrapping Supplies:
Purple Plum sold out (almost exact/similar here)

Gold Star Toppers (I cut the garland)

A few other wrapping topper’s and color ideas are rounded up, here.

And then if you want to see me actually “wrap” one of these, I filmed a video demo of me “layering” my ribbons which you can watch,  here!

+Can't believe it's already winter break with the kids.....Merry Christmas Eve x7!

Warmly, Steph 

December 13, 2023

Capturing Kids JOY x DIY "Thank You" Card

Featuring CHEEKS Brand Craft Mats

DIY mitten craft

DIY mitten craft

Capturing Kids JOY + then making it into a DIY "Thank You" mitten card as way to say, "thank you" from your little ones heart! All by including a photo of them holding that special gift from someone far this holiday season. 

You can also take a picture on your iPhone and then print it out on printer paper too!

 As for my girls making this one?! They always love using our CHEEKS BRAND craft mats especially since the design allows for mini containers to hold paint + then a larger area for mixing colors as we did for this one : ) 

 Want to MAKE one?!



Card stock paper (desired colors)

Satin Ribbon (5/8 inch thick for ours)

Acrylic Paint (desired colors)

CHEEKS Brand Craft Mat (promo code “mjots20” for 15% off

Pipe cleaners

Q-Tips (for making dots)

Glitter (this is the one we used, here! 

Insta Mini camera (or print out on paper)



Glue stick or glue

For a video demo on this one, click here

Then I always LOVE seeing what you MAKE over in Instagram or TikTok! Best benefit of what I do  : ) Enjoy! + Merry Christmas to YOU!

Warmly, Steph

This post was sponsored my CHEEKS Brand craft mats though all thoughts and opinions are my own. Thanks you supporting the brands that support the Mama Jots brand/blog/website!

December 9, 2023

DIY Mini Bow Garland


This was such a fun, simple + yet festive DIY to create and make for the girls mini Christmas tree! I believe in total it took me 30 minutes to tie each bow + glue gun together in making this DIY Bow Garland. Yes, simple to a "T!"


Pink Ribbon

Dark Pink Ribbon

Purple Ribbon sold out (similar  here)

Glue gun  + glue sticks

You can watch a quick 15-20 second demo of how I made this DIY Bow Garland,  here

Warmly, Steph

December 3, 2023

DIY Faux Ornament x Kids Advent Calendar

This was such a fun one to try + figure out as I needed to find just the right size for both the wooden ornament and the wreathe base to be a perfect match.

Since we/I make a lot of our creation’s using the colors pink and purple (my girls favorites) I thought it would be really special to make a DIY activity advent calendar which reflects both of them this year. And so I did! 

Want to make one?! + or curious for what we used to make ours?!


Wreathe Gold Leaf Base

Wooden Ornaments 

Acrylic Paint (desired colors) pink, purple, teal

Gold string 

Glitter (desired colors) pink, purple, green chunky, green

Gold sticker letters (I used vinyl/DIY)

Card stock (for pocket on back)

Glue stick + glue gun to construct 

Downloadable Printable by Dear Jane


Full video demo on how I made this DIY Advent Calendar Activity, here!

Since this one took me a few days longer than I anticipated, you can always save for next year too!🤸🏻‍♀️🫶🏻

Warmly, Steph