March 30, 2019

Girl Toddler Easter Basket

One of my favorite things about being a girl mom, is pulling together lots of little cute things for Abby. Especially when it comes time to stuff her Easter basket!

This year, I decided to go with the theme of, "pink" since it's her favorite color. So I picked up this pink wire basket for $6 the other day and although I'm still a fan of classic white whicker basket, I decided to switch things up this year and go with the wire basket trend, which I'm SO glad I did!! I feel like the basket really pulls together the whole pink theme! 

||  1  ||

||  2  ||

||  3  ||

||  4  ||
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||  5  || 

||  6  ||
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||  7  ||

||  8  ||

Here are even more pink themed ideas!

I hope this post helped you find some fun things for your little ones Easter basket (especially if they like pink!). For more ideas, you can check out last years "purple" Easter basket by going here. 

And be sure to check out Ellie & Pipper for more Easter basket goodies as well! I promise you'll be glad I sent you over. : ) Her shop is one my fav new finds! Tina (the women behind this darling company) is also offering all of you 20% your entire order with promo code MAMAJOTS! 

Happy spring!! 

Warmly, Steph

March 26, 2019

DIY Spring Wreath

DIY spring wreathe
DIY spring wreathe
DIY spring wreathe
DIY spring wreathe
DIY spring wreathe

I loved mixing real peony flowers with a faux wreath!

Something that came to me while running a back-to-back errand to the grocery store and Target this past weekend (which never happens! Aka being alone). So with spring officially here, I decided to give this idea a try and I'm so glad I did!

It took 25 minutes to do this DIY which is my kind of project because I have a toddler running around after all! I would keep the wreath as is for a general spring look, and only add the peony flowers when hosting a birthday party, bridal shower, baby shower and or Easter.

DIY spring wreathe
I love how the pop of pink color gives the wreath a more feminine feel, especially with Easter right around the corner!

 I’m sure there are a ton of different ways you can do a floral wreath and by all means I say go for it! Especially if you want a more permeant look by getting faux peonies and glue gunning them instead (something I considered but decided I wanted to have multiply looks for this wreath).

Please note, I'm certainly not a florist! I just decided to make this process as quick and easy as possible so it wouldn’t be a lot of work to take it apart 48 hours later (since this is how long flowers tend to last without water).

Below is a very quick process on how I decorated this wreath with real peonies.

What You Will Need:
Real pink peonies (2 bundles)

What I did

DIY spring wreathe
||  Step 1  ||
Cut off the peony stem, leaving about 1-3 inches from bulb to base. 

DIY spring wreathe
||  Step 2  ||
Stick the peony stem into the wreath base and wrap wire around both the stem and wreath base to temporally attach the flower. 

DIY spring wreathe
||  Step 3  ||
Continue step 2 until you have a bundle of peonies at one corner of the wreath with a slow fade out on both ends.

DIY spring wreathe
||  Step 4  ||
Hang on a wreath hook & Enjoy!

DIY spring wreathe
DIY spring wreathe
As always, let me know if you have any questions! And thank you for your readership, as always. You ladies are amazing. 

Warmly, Steph

March 19, 2019

Planning Blog Content

planning blog content

How do you have time to blog each week?

This is the one of the most asked questions and comments I get online (Instagram) so it’s about time I address it! Something I would never think so many of you would be interested in hearing me talk about! Though I’m always happy to share and connect with each of you. So todays is the day I finally answering this question as a group!

Being 6 months pregnant and beyond sick for the first trimester, a toddler to take care, running a household, teaching dance, and no outside help or babysitters… you do ask a great question. I would agree!

My best response has always been, I’m a planner. And I'm passionate about whatever I take on in life.

planning blog content
planning blog content

I’m by far an expert on blogging! (and those of you who have told me otherwise, I so appreciate you! Your support and belief in me). I love what I’m doing, and I have so many plans and dreams for the future of this blog. 

However yes, planning and organizing is something I truly enjoy and it actually took me awhile to find a system that worked!

So, what do I actually do to get a blog post published every week? Well, below I'm sharing exactly what steps I take for the 7 days leading up to one blog post. Most of my daily tasks are done early in the AM hours before Abby wakes up, or after she’s in bed (if it doesn’t include taking photos).

There are so many ways to plan and create something however this is the setup that has worked for me as a mom! Below is how I planned for my latest blog post, The DIY Star Garland (Pottery Barn Inspired) to help give you an example. 

What I have:

||  1  ||
A booklet 
(for jotting down ideas)

||  2  ||
A weekly calendar 
(daily task to complete)

||  3  ||
A monthly calendar 
(Big due dates – weekly blog post/collaborations)

planning blog content

||  1  ||
(Jot down Ideas)

White gold
Abby’s room
Living room
Pink & Green colors
Rainbow art project
Pink rainbows
Pastel colored rainbow

||  2  ||
Monthly Calendar

planning blog content

||  3  ||
Weekly Calendar

Live life, & get inspired!
Jot down ideas. Rough draft of blog post.
First draft of blog post.  
Take photos
Second draft of blog. 
Edit photos.
Final draft of blog post. 
Input photos.
Day off.
Publish Blog Post on all social media channels.

I hope this post helps those of you who are looking for ideas on how to organize all the mom things in life (a job that's constantly changing, amen?!) As we wear many hats and this system has worked great for me! 

And because I know a few of you will ask...

If you're interested in getting these stationary items for yourself, Ellie & Piper has so generously offered all of you 20% off her shop with the promo code MAMAJOTS! Ellie & Piper is a party, paper and all things cute and darling (no seriously, everything is just beyond cute my heart can't take it sometimes!) run by Tina. 

One of my favorites that I've recently connected with. Plus, I just simply fell in love with her shop and honestly, if I were to run a small shop (which also has darling Easter basket goodies!) her shop is exactly what I would I sell. I highly recommend checking out her out! 

Happy Planning : )

Warmly, Steph

planning blog content

Book Of List C/O Ellie & Piper  
Weekly planning stationary C/O Ellie  & Piper

This post was sponsored by Ellie & Piper however all opinions are %100 my own! Thank you for supporting the brands that support this blog!