October 26, 2018

DIY Shooting Star // Last Minute Halloween Costume

(cake pop series) 
DIY halloween costume shooting star
We give you our last-minute Halloween costume… a shooting star!
DIY shooting star halloween costume
DIY shooting star halloween costume
Glitter clip C/O Little Miss Lady Shop
DIY shooting star halloween costume
DIY shooting star halloween costume
DIY shooting star halloween costume

This weeks theme "last minute" is our easiest and quickest DIY Costume because you can make it in under 10 minutes!

We used this black tutu dress although you most likely have a black top and bottom already in your little one’s closet. Just be sure you’re ok with them not wearing it again, as this costume requires everything to be glued with a glue gun.

So, here is how I made our DIY last minute Halloween costume. The shooting star!

DIY shooting star halloween costume
//  1  \\
Curl 4 colors of ribbon for your shooting star with scissors and then set aside. We used rose gold (1x), gold (1x) and silver (2x).

DIY shooting star halloween costume
//  2  \\
Criss-cross one end of each ribbon over the other and wrap tape around all 4 at the top. As shown, then set aside.

DIY shooting star halloween costume
//  3  \\
Using a star cookie cutter, place it onto of a silver foam piece. Trace around the start and cut out the pattern. 

DIY shooting star halloween costume
//  4  \\
Next, glue gun the curled ribbon to the star on the bottom middle of its shape. As shown.

DIY shooting star halloween costume
//  5  \\
Then glue gun the curled ribbon and star piece to the top right corner of your little ones’ dress.

DIY shooting star halloween costume
//  6  \\
Arrange and organize your curl ribbon as you want it look on top of the black dress. Then glue gun one ribbon curl at a time starting from the bottom of the star and glue gun 3-5 points diagonal down to the bottom of the dress. This way your shooting star stays in place!

DIY shooting star halloween costume
//  7  \\
Repeat step 6 for the rest of your curl ribbons until you it looks like the following above. 

We’ve had such an amazing amount of positive feedback from our Halloween costume – cake pop series that we plan on doing it again next year! Thank you for all your support, encouragement, and kinds words on our series this past month, as Abby and I have really enjoyed playing dress-up all month long. : )

Now let me know below if you have any ideas for themes next year. And or if there is anything you would like to see in the future! 

We are celebrating Steve's Birthday this weekend and finishing up our own Halloween costumes!  So I'm really excited to share what we'll be on here soon!!!

Also, did you catch our spooky treat video on instagram yesterday? Go check it out! And I hope you all you have a wonderful weekend!!

Warmly, Steph

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October 24, 2018

BOO! Easy Ghost Cake Pop

easy cake pop recipe
Since we LOVE cake pops so much I thought it was time Abby and I made some! And what better holiday to try it out, other than Halloween with our “BOO” Ghost cake pops!

Why call them “BOO” Ghost cake pops? Well, we made the ghost look like they’re saying, Boo! And fun fact, two years ago, we made Abby laugh for the very first time at 4 months by saying the word “BOO!” 

Cake pops are a long and complicated process; however I believe the Holidays are a great time to make things special while also keeping them simple on us moms.

So here is our version of an easy cake pop recipe. 
easy ghost cake pop recipe


//  1  \\
Bake your cake according to the directions. (We did made ours in two 9” rounds pans)

//  2  \\
Once cool, cut off the edges and crumble the cake in between your fingers so it ends up in a crumble mix.

//  3  \\
Add (1/4 cup) of vanilla frosting to your cake crumble and mix the two together. 

//  4  \\
Then with a spoon, scoop and roll your dough into a ball. (Substances should feel like play dough).

//  5  \\
Set aside for 4 hours in the fridge (or 1 hour in freezer) to cool and firm your cake pop dough. (Otherwise they will fall apart).

//  6  \\
Place white candy melts in a microwave safe container and warm for 1 minute (as directed on package). Stir your candy melts until you get a smooth substance. 

//  7  \\
Next place your cake pop “treat stick” into the center of your cake pop and dip
it Into the white candy melts.

//  8  \\
Once covered in white candy melts, place your cake pop into a cake pop holder so it keeps the round shape and smooth texture.

//  9  \\
Once your white candy melt is completely cool, use a fin tip of black frosting to create two ovals for the eyes, and a circle for the mouth.  

//  10  \\

If you want to see a tutorial for this recipe, you can find me on Instagram here, for the full video under the story highlight, "Spooky Treats."

Warmly, Steph

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easy ghost cake pop recipe

October 17, 2018

Fall Bucket List

( Toddler Friendly )
fall bucket list for kids. toddlers
Inspiration // Costco Story

After flashing my Costco card to one of the employees, with Abby half way on my hip, I then quickly stepped aside to stop and let her down a few feet from the entrance.

While shuffling my fingers around in the diaper bag to put my Costco card away, I suddenly felt Abby's tiny little fingers squeeze my jeans. And that’s when I heard it, mechanical scream. Then I saw it: a large, dark, and flashing monster, bobbing forward and back at us.

So. Much. Joy

Safe to say, Abby and I exchanged a lot of hugs, and I heard about that monster "being so scary" for weeks on end. (This was mid-September) so you can see why it surprised us both!

That Costco mechanical monster will forever be the "monster who can’t come get us,” because that's exactly what I told Abby to help her understand that it can’t get out of it’s base. 

Which is why after our little monster moment, I was immediately inspired to create a list of age appropriate ideas in which we can celebrate the fall season (especially Halloween) with our little one’s! 

So I'm so excited to share with all of you below, our Toddler Friendly Fall Bucket List! No scary monsters with flashing lights (I promise), you can get that experience at Costco : )

fall bucket list for kids. toddler

And now, here are a few photos of the beautiful PNW fall from our pumpkin patch visit last weekend, as promised!! 

fall bucket list for kids. toddlers
fall bucket list for kids. toddlers
fall bucket list for kids. toddlers
fall bucket list for kids. toddlers
Pink velvet bows C/O Little Miss Lady Shop
fall bucket list for kids. toddlersfall bucket list for kids. toddlers
fall bucket list for kids. toddlers
I hope our Toddler Friendly Fall Bucket list helps spark a light of imagination for your own fall season! 

Warmly, Steph

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fall bucket list. toddler

October 12, 2018

DIY Cat & Mouse // Halloween Costume

( Cake Pop Series )
DIY cat and mouse halloween costume
I give you... our classic kitty cat and her trusty side kick, mouse!

This week’s theme was “Pair” or what I like to think of, “Two of Kind” like peanut butter and jelly or salt and pepper (which would also be a great Halloween costume!)

DIY cat and mouse halloween costume
//  Kitty Cat Face  \\

Abby LOVED the kitty face which was really black eye liner and pink lip stick.

I wanted to make our kitty cat costume slightly different by making her outfit equally white and black. As I feel it really gives the costume a more younger, softer and gentle feel. 

DIY cat and mouse halloween costume
DIY cat and mouse halloween costume
DIY cat and mouse halloween costume

//  Mouse Balloon Tutorial  \\

( 7 steps and 5 minutes to make)
DIY cat and mouse halloween costume
Step 1
Using paper (not cardstock since it’s too heavy) cut out your mouse ears to the desired shape and leave three strips at the bottom (left, middle and right as shown). 

DIY cat and mouse halloween costume
Step 2
Using a black sharpie, trace the inside of each ear (leaving a little bit of space) to create more depth.

DIY cat and mouse halloween costume
Step 3
Cut out three very thin strips of black paper for your mouse whiskers with scissors and cris cross them as shown.

DIY cat and mouse halloween costume
Step 4
Cut out a very small pink circle for the mouse’s noes. Then tape the noes and wishers together.

DIY cat and mouse halloween costume
Step 5
Blow up a gray balloon, then tie a string to the balloon and a balloon weight.
With double sided tape (or tape) connect the nose/whisker piece to your gray balloon.

DIY cat and mouse halloween costume
Step 6
Add your ears to the balloon with double side tape (or tape).

DIY cat and mouse halloween costume
Step 7
Draw black oval shapes onto the middle of the balloon for eyes.

kitty cat ears // strip shirt // black tutu  // tights // kitty cat shoes \\
// Pigtail purple bows C/O Little Miss Lady Shop \\

DIY cat and mouse halloween costume
Purple Velvet bow C/O Little Miss Lady Shop

With only two and half weeks left until Halloween, we are starting to squeeze in as much toddler friendly Halloween fun as we can by hitting up the pumpkin patch as a family this weekend! 

And afterwards, it’s a tradition to have my famous chicken tortilla soup which I shared earlier on the blog here. It’s extra yummy this time of year! : )

DIY cat and mouse halloween costume DIY cat and mouse halloween costume
Until next week... (the theme is family costumes!) I hope all of you have a very fun and festive fall weekend!

Warmly, Steph

October 10, 2018

DIY // Pink Halloween Decorations

(Toddler Friendly)
Halloween decorations DIY

Today’s post is very quick because the idea is simple (which I love) yet classic and still beautiful for adding a little Halloween décor to any playroom or toddler space.

Abby has been in love with our blue and white pumpkin porch decor, which I shared about earlier on the blog here. So I decided to give her own play space (inside where it’s warm) a little Halloween love by painting 3 faux pumpkins various shades of pink, a kitty cat pillow, and my own DIY multi colored “BOO” sign.

Halloween decorations DIY
 DIY Table & Chairs  //  Kitty cat pillow (sold out)  this one is similar 
Halloween decorations DIY
Pink bow C/O Neon Fawn  //  Kitty Cat Shoes  //  Dress (sold out)
Halloween decorations DIY
The DIY “BOO” sign is Abby's favorite because she tells me all the time, “it’s so cute mama!”

There's a ton of great ways to make a BOO garland however, for our space we have blinds, curtains, and freshly painted walls so I decide to make ours hang! Here’s what I did.

DIY // Pink Halloween Decorations
BOO // 3 Colored Hanging Sign

Card stock paper (black, light pink, dark pink)
Rose gold ribbon
Double sided tape
X-Acto knife

1) In word document, using the calibiri font in bold, size 750, print out your “B” and two “O’s.” 

2) Using scissors, cut around the outside of your letters, if possible use an X-Acto knife for the inside of each letter to create a clean lines.

3) Using a pencil, trace your letters on cardstock paper. 

4) Then repeat step #2 and erase any pencil markings.

5) Tape rose gold string to the top middle of each letter. 

6) Then using double sided tape (or small rounds of tape) place them about every other inch all around your letter.

7) Add the letters twin on top and press firmly to seal them together.

8) Hang one letter at a time on curtain rod.

Option: You can curl a few pieces of rose gold ribbon in between each letter so they stay still. (I did this to photograph them and kept it!)  : )
DIY halloween decorations

Pink Pumpkins:

Faux pumpkins (ours are from Micheals)
Foam bush (size 2 = medium)
Light pink paint (Martha Stewart)
Pink paint (Craft Smart)
Dark pink paint (Martha Stewart)

1) Using a size 1 (medium) foam brush,I painted each pumpkins 3 different shades of pink (3 coats).

3) Using a fine tip paint brush, I painted the stems rose gold (2 coats).

halloween decorations DIY
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Warmly, Steph