August 25, 2023

Kids Halloween Craft Kits || Mini Maker Design Co

Meet 2 new "Trick-Or-Treaters" being added to the Halloween collection! 
Pumpkin + Kitty Cat! 

+ Meet the, "Duo Spooky Sweet Face Kits"

This years Halloween Collection for  Mini Maker Design Co has both NEW full body designs + spooky sweet faces! 

It's been a labor of love working towards both design options over the past year + so I'm delighted to now offer each in craft kit form for this years Halloween collection launching next week, Thursday August 31st at 9am PST

I can't express how much I love making these for you + your littles! + super excited to get these in your hands soon, maybe even a fun "BOO Basket" filler + activity as I plan to do for my own girls : )

Halloween is one of my most popular launches (just a heads up!) So  if you're new/curious to hear more about what's all included + why my customers love them... I'll share more in stories + even a couple fun reels next week (starting Sunday) over in Instagram + TikTok! 

Warmly, Steph

Mini Maker Design Co Halloween 2023 Collections 
Live Thursday August 31st 9am PST


August 8, 2023

Craft Storage x Time Capsule for 2+ Kids


craft storage time capsule

4+ years of capturing my girls imaginations, creativity, free spirits + how they view the world, me, family, and a few other special memories using this craft storage system x time capsule. Except this school year, I'm officially dividing it into 2 bins, one for each girl! 

Both are personalized to help distinguish whose is who's + why color coded as well? (Because it's just fun) The girls names are actually a DIY (I made them) though you can order premade custom words off of Etsy! : )

+The best part? As a mom, I love how each stage is organized in showing my daughters growth for all areas of art, writing + gift giving as time goes on. 

Want to make one? 

Supplies + what I used over the years, below

White lettering is a DIY (vinyl)

+ I wish all of you a wonderful crafty year filled with lots of little art treasures to add for your craft storage x time capsule. Wink! wink!

Warmly, Steph

August 6, 2023

Craft Journal x Time Capsule

A gift from me (STEPH) to you!

Free download printable craft journal x time capsule filled with coloring + writing prompts littles can fill out here + there through out these early years of learning + making. I designed this with  Preschool - Elementary years in mind.

Making Tips: 
I reccomend printing off on card stock paper for flexibility on how your littles fill it out. You or they might want to glue tissue paper for the Brown Bear story section or use water colors.

Also, I use large paper clips to hold the pages together until the girls are all done with their crafting. Then at the end of the year (or whenever they complete it) you can hold punch + or glue everything together so it turns into a craft journal. 

Want to make one?!  Click here!


July 18, 2023

Kids Size Craft Storage System

Kids Craft Storage
Kids Craft Storage
Kids Craft Storage
Kids Craft Storage
Kids Craft Storage

Little rebellious in creating my craft storage system for the girls : )

As it was crucial back in 2020 with a baby while taking on the roll of "At home Preschool Teacher Me/Mom" (like so many of you too!) that I created a system where my then 3.5 year old could reach, take away + put supplies back. 

So I took a few measurements, pulled together a few odd things + coupled it with a few Target bins then tada! Our kid size crafty storage masterpiece was born.

Kids Size Craft Storage System Resources

White Bench (sold out, almost exact) here, 

Bench Containers

Clear Drawers

Clear Pencil + Crayon Caddy's

Pastel Fringe Backdrop C/O GlamFete

If you liked this post, you might like the BTS of putting it together, here : ) 

June 23, 2023

Barbie Party || 4th Birthday

Palm Tree DIY Supplies:

Craft Paper

Green Palm Leafs

Green Spray Paint 

Balloon Stand/Key Supply

Pink Lantern Lights (or paint w/pink water colors)

Barbie Decor x Photo Setup:

Pink Cardboard Car

“Hey Barbie, Let’s Party!” Vinyl (DIY)

Precut letters for purchase, here

Party Favor x DIY Barbie Photo Card:

Pink (insta) Camera

Insta Film Don't forget this one! : )

Card stock 

Clothes pins (hobby lobby though similar match here)

Glue Gun

"Grab Your Shade" Party Favor:

Glass Jar w/Lid

12x Bulk Pink Sunnies

Pink Vinyl

DIY Barbie T-Shirts:

White plain shirt

Skipper plain purple shirt 

Chelsea plain pink shirt sold out (similar here)

Ken - green plain shirt 

White vinyl

Other Decor:

Hanging (Bio Degradable) Palm Leafs

Paper Fan Flowers

Giant "B" Barbie Balloon

Pink Heart Float

Then to see each of these DIYs, details + projects via videos brought to life. Just click on the one you’d like to see below!

Warmly, Steph 


                              Links coming soon!

June 7, 2023

Puppy Party 7th Birthday Theme

Puppy party pawty

Puppy party pawty

Puppy party pawty
Puppy party pawty

Puppy Party 7th Birthday Theme was such a fun one to bring to life for my daughter! + If you'd like to see where you too get the supplies to make what I did, just click on each item below.

Happy Birthday Sticker Sign - DIY/Vinyl  

Dalmatian Dog Blow Up

Birthday Girl Crown

Purple Twirl Dress

Balloons (Etsy + Party City) 

Mini Plush Bulk Puppies

White Window Gift Bags


Mini Puppy Figurines

Puppy Face Bulk Sticker Sheets

Then if you'd like to see the details up close, here's a reel on what I made

May 30, 2023

Puppy Party Favors

PAWty puppy birthday party favors
PAWty puppy birthday party favors
PAWty puppy birthday party favors

I personally enjoy giving "activities" or hands on little things the kids can do for party favors as my way of saying the to parents, "Thanks for letting me fill your kid up with sugar to help celebrate MY kid." 

So yes, Puppy bubble toppers + stickers is the least I can do.

What I used to make a Puppy + ME party hat pup, dog bubble topper + dog face sticker sheets?

Party Hats (@mama.jots DIY)

Ribbon on puppies

Then if you'd like to see them in action, click  here!

May 15, 2023

Summer Craft Kits || Mini Maker Design Co

summer crafts for kids
summer crafts for kids
summer crafts for kids

Ice Cream Truck craft kit comes with second + matching larger size (7 inches)  ice cream cone! 

summer crafts for kids
summer crafts for kids
summer crafts for kids
summer crafts for kids
summer crafts for kids
summer crafts for kids
Mermaid Tails + Narwhals are hand cut. Every piece!
summer crafts for kids

Summer is coming!

+ I couldn't be any more excited to bring back a couple classic designs from when it all first started! #paperplatecrafttues (year long pandemic craft series @mama.jots)

Along side a few new design's for those who still enjoy everything precut + ready to be made (minus paint) from my sister small business, "Mini Maker Design Co" kids craft kits on Etsy!

What's Launching this Thursday 5/18 - 8am PST/11am EST?!

Narwhal (via 2020)

Mermaid Tail (Via 2021)

Ice Cream Truck (2023)

Seashell (2021)

Warmly, Steph

If you would like to get 2 craft kits in one box for a discount, use promo code: STACKME when checking out for a discount this weekend!

NOTE: Craft Mat in the photo above is sold separately from @CHEEKSBRAND which we shared all about how much we love them earlier this spring which you can check out here! 


May 4, 2023

Teacher Appreciation Gift x DIY Gift Card

2 of my favorite things as a past teacher (public + private) for receiving gifts was hand written notes + messages from my students (or art!) and gift cards : )

In both situations, especially "public" school educators we ended up paying for a good amount of things themselves. So I love gifting for my girls Teachers! (even if that's just a couple $7 coffee treats) 

Supplies for this one (including a writing prompt for littles!) below

Paper Gift Box:


Acrylic paint for all details (gold, white + baby pink)

Pencil Gift Card Holder:

Card stock (pink, yellow, tan + black)

Glitter gold + silver card stock 

Making Note:

Remember you'll need scissors + a glue stick! I found stacking a book on top of the craft once glued helped it all stay flat and intact.

Can't wait to see how you make this one! Either now, or end of school year as a big "Thank you! "Happy Making! 

Warmly, Steph 

Our writing prompt