December 23, 2018

Sugar Plum Fairy Sugar Cookie Recipe

Our regular sugar cookie recipe this year was brought to the next level by turning them into, “sugar plum fairy cookies!” Which basically means Abby and I colored 4 different shades of pink our butter cream frosting recipe (listed below) and decorated them in everything and anything pink!!

The Nutcracker ballet has been long standing tradition in my heart both on and off the stage. So even though a true sugar plum is purple, I will always think of the sugar plum “fairy” being pink. As this was always the color of her costumes for me growing up in a dance studio which I now teach in!

These are SO good, people always think I buy them from a bakery (as will yours!) ; )

Sugar Cookie Recipe

1 egg
1 cup of sugar
3 cups of flour
4 oz soften cream cheese
3/4 cup of butter soften
1/2 tsp. lemon powder
1/2 tsp. almond extract
1/2 tsp. vanilla powder
1 tsp. baking powder
1/2 tsp. salt


|| 1  ||
Preheat ove to 350 degrees

||  2  ||
Mix in large bowl; butter, cream cheese, sugar and egg.

||  3  ||
Leave the flour aside, and add in rest of ingredients mixing all together. 

||  4  ||
Add in flour and mix all together.

||  5  ||
Roll dough out onto heavy flour surface.

||  6  ||
Cut out cookies and lay on top of parchment paper.

||  7  ||
 Bake for 8 mins. Then let place on cooling racks.

Pink Buttercream frosting

1 box of confections sugar
1/4 cup of milk
1 tsp. vanilla extract
1 stick of butter


||  1  ||
In a medium sized bowl mix together all ingredients with a kitchen aid, mixer or whisk until completely smooth. 

||  2  ||
Using 4 small bowls, divide frosting mix equally into each bowl.

||  3  ||
Start with 3 drops of pink all natural food coloring in the first bowl and continue to add 3-5 more drops than the previous so each bowl is a shade darker than the last. 

||  4  ||
To turn your pink frosted cookies into, "sugar plum fairy cookies" add all the pink, silver and white sprinkles, gum drops and candy you can find!

We wish you a very merry + bright Christmas! 
And may this recipe help add to your holiday!!

Warmly, Steph

December 18, 2018

Toddler Girl Stocking Stuffers

Toddler Girl Stocking Stuffer Guide
For the first time ever, I purchased ALL my stocking stuffer items online! Including these pink cherry flavored candy canes. I LOVE online shopping so, I decided to start changing how I spent my week before Christmas. Usually you’d find me gathering items up and down the isles of Target (which I love it there) though starting this year, I wanted to focus on what I love the most about this week… baking!

And since Christmas is officially a week away (Ekk!) I decided to use every mom’s best friend, Amazon in creating a last-minute Toddler Girl Stocking Stuffer guide.  

For under $13 I got Abby these pink and white striped jammies and a pair of darling reindeer slippers to go with it! I swear she could live in those jammies and slippers all week if I let her however, we love our bath time, specially bubble bath! So naturally this bubble bath is making its way into her stocking.

Also, this pom-pom hat Abby has been wearing all season long which is even cuter in person, I swear! So I had to add it!

When we go out to eat, these magnetic stacking blocks are a favorite pass time of Abby’s and it’s so fun to see her create towers and structures. (While at the same time teaching her about patience and persistence.) We are headed on a snow vacation next month so I found these organic snow mittens which I really love because they are attached! No lost mittens in the snow!! Amen. 

Then lastly, I put these felt fruit and veggie baskets in her stocking last year to go with her DIY upgraded all white play kitchen. So, I had to add these since we play with ours daily over here. You can find both cheaper at Ikea although, it's also really nice the week before Christmas to have them delivered! : )

I hope this Toddler Girl Gift Guide helps you with your last minute shopping! And check back soon, I have another blog post coming later this week!!!

Warmly, Steph

December 12, 2018

First Trimester || Second Pregnancy

(Plus, Tips That Helped Get Me Through)

first trimester pregnancy

What I felt: Extreme Nausea
Nausea ruled my world for about 3 months. Far worse this time around than with my first! I needed a glass of juice AND crackers to help me fall asleep almost every night. And a good handful of nights, I couldn’t even stay asleep. Nausea was a 24-hour thing this round.  Some nights I would wake up at 3am or 4am feeling so sick, I just wouldn’t be able to fall back asleep.  

What helped

Orange juice & crackers at night. Especially right before bedtime. A little snack seemed to help keep my blood sugar up and my belly somewhat full just enough, so I could fall asleep. I also diffused peppermint essential oils about an hour before I turned in for the night with this diffuser Steve gifted me for my birthday. During the day, I would roll this peppermint roll balm underneath my nose and above my lip to help ease nausea. 

These Prego pops really helped too! Especially when I was in the car running errands (car sickness was a major thing), and or just rolling down the windows seemed to help! Fresh air was my main squeeze during this time ; )

first trimester pregnancy
What I felt: Early body changes
My body changed much sooner this time around, specifically my belly! I was actually very sad and terrified to feel myself “let go” so soon. I started comparing my body to my last pregnancy. This did not help at all! As I was already so emotional about having to eat at night, I knew my fear was happening.

I was going to gain a few pounds before the second trimester even surfaced. 

It took me two weeks to accept it while folding up my favorite jeans into the back of my closet. But after that, I moved forward and reminded myself that I was eating healthy, exercising and doing everything I could to “bare through the nausea during the day but at night,  I needed to sleep!” And that, “I was doing a great job!!”

Which I truly believe, because I had to take care of myself, in order to take care of this baby inside of me, and Abby. Both would be counting on me every morning! Those two, outweighed wanting to wear my every day jeans until 14 weeks like I was able to do with my first pregnancy.  

What helped
Talking to someone I trusted so all those tears and concerns could come out. Then I put on my leggings and maternity pants and didn’t look back! It was all part of the process and yes, like most of us (and me!) feeling those changes waaayyyy sooner can be shocking! It’s all good, especially after your first pregnancy. It happens to a lot of us. 

first trimester pregnancy
What I felt: Tired easily
This was almost the exact same as my first pregnancy and one I knew was coming. What I didn’t know was coming is that it can be SO challenging to feel sick and tired while taking care of a toddler weeks on end. I have no idea how you moms of 3 and 4+ do it! High five to you and your strength!!

What Helped
Let myself sleep in a bit later. Which meant I was no longer getting up 5am and checking things off my list by 6am. I was now getting up at 6am. I still managed to keep up with Abby, teaching and the blog though I didn’t have the laundry folded. Like… hardly ever. 

Or occasionally we just didn’t clean up the play room, our bedroom or have as many people visit during those months. (We went to them, or just stayed in). Thanksgiving we actually canceled visiting family and it was just the three of us since I SO SICK! Sometimes, you just need to pull that “pregnancy card.” 

I also allowed myself to take a couple naps a week. Just a quick power nap really helped me stay on top of everything and something I REALLY enjoyed during the first trimester like dark chocolate. I know napping with two kids is NEVER going to happen! So I allowed myself to enjoy every bite.  : )

Even a few minutes of sitting down really helped!!


You are not alone in this miracle happening inside of you! You are strong, and you are beautiful. It's my hope that your head and heart don't let your jeans size determine how wonderful of a mother you already are to your little one, and or one(s). 

Pregnancy can be beautiful, challenging, scary, and fun all at once. With all of this comes changes and emotions and I have found, the best thing during pregnancy is to find your tribe. Find other mothers, pregnant or not! Online or in person and reach out to them! If there’s anyone that can and wants to hear what you’re going through, it’s them!

first trimester pregnancy

I hope this personal blog post has helped some of you who are about to go through the first trimester and or will go through it for the second time! If you want to see and hear more of this journey, you can find me on Instagram and or subscribe on the side bar to hear when the next pregnancy blog post goes live!

Wishing you a merry + bright week!! (You and your baby bump)

                                                              Warmly, Steph

December 5, 2018

PNW Tree Farm || Classic Christmas Songs

classic Christmas songs
Tradition of getting a fresh PNW Christmas tree started years ago when Steve and I would walk 8 blocks from the market to our apartment down town. Steve at the trunk, and myself at top (always!)  

We would get honked at and called, “the cutest” at least a dozen times during those years. For us, it was way easier than hauling our tree on top of the car.

Which I must say, feels extremely fun and festive to be have a fresh pine tree wrapped tightly on top of your car while sipping on a Starbucks peppermint mocha with Christmas music blasting. (Well, with Abby in the car our definition of “blast” is playing at a soft loud tone. ; ) 

If you’ve never ventured to try the Christmas tree farm experience, I highly recommend it! The smell, and bundling up in winter wear all while supporting a local farm are just a few of the highlights. Some farms like ours, had AMAZING food! So, we stayed awhile to ride the kiddie train and eat lunch. Plus, I think my favorite thing about the tree farm is having the opportunity to take sooooo mannnyyyy beautiful photos of your little one among the pine trees.

It was mama-razzi heaven. 

So here a few of my favorite photos from last weekend along with a list of my favorite classic Christmas songs. You can never go wrong with Frank Sinatra or Ella Fitzgerald to fill up a space with holiday spirit.

classic Christmas songs
classic Christmas songs
classic Christmas songs
classic Christmas songs
classic Christmas songs

classic Christmas songs
classic Christmas songs
classic Christmas songs
classic Christmas songs
classic Christmas songsclassic Christmas songs

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classic Christmas songs

classic Christmas songs
 Abbys Outfit: Coat  ||  Boots sold out (these are similar)  ||  Pom pom hat  || My Outfit: Coat ||  Boots

I'm SO excited to share and take joy in the season with you! Stay tuned, lots of fun things happening for the blog and over in instagram soon to help make these days leading up to Christmas merry + bright!!!

Warmly, Steph

December 1, 2018

DIY Chalkboard Sign // Merry Little Christmas

DIY chalkboard sign
Have yourself a Merry Little Christmas, is one of my favorite holiday songs! (well one of 300 to be accurate). And it was this time last year, I made a chalkboard sign to help display one of my 300 favorite ; ) Christmas songs in our living room. 

I love the sign so much… I haven’t decided exactly where to keep it in my house! It’s been proudly displayed above our dining room table since last Sunday and I think… it might just stay there. However, I’m also tempted to put it above Abby’s play kitchen too. So well see!

The project took two days to complete only because you need the black chalkboard paint to dry. However, on the second day, I was able to finish everything during nap time. And hang it!

DIY chalkboard sign

1     ||    2    |l    3    ||    4    ||    5    ||    6    ||    7

How I made it: Chalkboard Sign

DIY chalkboard sign

Step 1
 I ordered a blow-up version of this graphic, "Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas" from Fedex to cover a 36" by 36" inch board. 

Step 2
Next, I ran two errands. I stopped in at Home Depo to have them cut me a 36" by 36" size wooden board about .5 cementers thick. On the way home, I picked up my blown-up graphic, “Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas," from Fedex.

Step 3
At nap time, I painted the board with black paint. 

DIY chalkboard sign

Step 4
Using the graphite, I scratched the entire back surface of my blown-up graphic.

DIY chalkboard sign

Step 5
Next, I placed the blown-up graphic on top of the wooden board (completely dry). Then I taped down the edges to keep it secure.

Step 6
With a number 2 lead pencil, I traced around every letter and design of the poster so it would leave a stencil on the other side. Then I removed the blown-up graphic.

DIY chalkboard sign

Step 7
Using a white chalk paint pen, I traced my design and filled everything in. Lastly, I added my own boarder design. TIP: You can use a wet paper towel and or wash cloth to help wipe away any graphite thats left over.

DIY chalkboard sign

To hang my chalkboard, I added these  sawtooth hooks  onto the back.

We truly love ours and always get tons of compliments when friends and family visiting our home during the holidays! When you make yours, let me know if you have any questions below!

This weekend we are embarking on our good old fashion family Christmas by getting our Christmas tree! And we also have our very first holiday party of the season to attend!

Love this time of year.

So many fun and festive things happening, I hope you are enjoying the kick-off to the holiday season and may everything be merry and bright for you!

Warmly, Steph

November 20, 2018

Baby & Toddler Girl Gift Guides

Tis the season for turkey, family and holiday gift giving!

I'm so unbelievably excited it’s the week of turkey day! I also love the overnight shift that happens from gobble to everything merry and bright the day after Thanksgiving. 

Because there's just nothing quite like sipping on your favorite holiday mug filled with fresh brewed coffee and shopping online. These little "mom moments," give me life, and when the time comes to add an item into my chart... I generally follow this guideline for getting Abby gifts. 

2 Need
2 Want
1 Educational
2 Wear

So all of the following gift guides (3 total) are designed with this idea in mind. Most items we already have and or LOVE, and a few are upgrades because they just keep on making the cutest stuff year after year!

And as requested over in Instagram, let’s start with our little girl gift guide for 2-3 year olds!! 

1  ||  2  ||  3  ||  4  ||  5  ||  6  ||  7 ||  8  ||  9
Items with special deals, promo codes and or sales:

Small Shop Saturday Nov. 24th
$10 off orders of $49 or more (code: SAVE10)
$20 off orders $99 or more (code: SAVE20)
$40 off orders $199 or more (code: SAVE40)

50% off your entire purchase Nov. 21st - 22nd

Black Friday deals Nov. 22nd - 26th (25% off Friends & Family Sale) We upgraded this play kitchen to make it a fancier and all white which you can find  here.

40% off with code: ADD2CHART = $19.80!

1  ||  2  ||  3  ||  4  ||  5  ||  6  ||  7

Items with special deals, promo codes and or sales:

50% off your entire purchase Nov. 21st-22nd

These dolls feed 10 meals to a children in need for every doll sold. 
And this is by far Abby's softest toy!

25% off with code: GIFT25

 ||  2  ||  3  ||  4  ||  5  ||  6  ||  7  ||   8

Items with special deals, promo codes and or sales:

Small Shop Saturday Nov. 24th
$10 off orders of $49 or more (code: SAVE10)
$20 off orders $99 or more (code: SAVE20)
$40 off orders $199 or more (code: SAVE40)

Currently %28 off and free shipping available w/prime membership

20% off price as marked for Black Friday event Nov.22 - 26th

I hope these gift guides were equally fun as they were helpful to you! 

And I don't know about you, although I'm reaallly looking forward to all the turkey-cranberry left overs I can gather for making sandwiches this weekend!! Oh the good food and times we all have ahead of us...

Happy Thanksgiving week friends!!!

Warmly, Steph

November 14, 2018

Toddler Mom Friendly // Turkey Day Outfits

Do you know what you’re wearing on Thanksgiving? Is your family casual? dressy? Or dressy casual? 

Are you are still walking into our closets saying, “I have nothing to wear,” like me? With a 100% vote over on Instagram for seeing more toddler friendly outfits, I figured turkey day was a great place to start!  

Hosting or relaxing? Whatever your agenda holds, one thing is for sure, we both will be parenting at one point or another next Thursday.  ; )

So, every outfit was pulled together with our life style in mind such a bending, lifting, hosting, socializing and of course, hugging our little ones. I even snuck in a few breast-feeding options in the descriptions below as we are in the maternity years after all. 

I hope you enjoy these three versions of Thanksgiving Day outfits starting with casual. Enjoy!!

||   1   ||   2   ||   3   ||   4   ||

This dress is currently 45% off! And totally covers everything as I bend over to lift Abby up (plus, the buttons on this one make it breast-feeding friendly!)

You never know if Uncle Johns house will be warm enough which is why I love a scarf and cozy sweater whenever I visit others. 

 I love being able to throw this style on and off while also keeping a box's of raisin in my pocket for Abby at the same time. Pockets are always a win!

I love the design and style of these! You could also wear them with black leggings and a white t-shirt for a warmer look and basically, as a mom, I can't live without flats!

||   1   ||   2   ||   3   ||   4   || 

$20 for a good quality t-shirt is always a great find! I only own V-neck t-shirts because I love the long line a V-neck provides.  

Besides wearing my wedding rings or stud earrings, it's nice to wear something fancy for a special occasion, but nothing that will tear my ear lobes or neck (tempting baby & toddler toys). 

Having a comfy, stylish and flat pair of shoes is basically all I wear with my toddler around these days. Plus this style is great for the Christmas season too!

Pleated skirt designs are fairly pricy I've come to learn; however, I believe this piece is a classic, and would even pass to be part of a capsule wardrobe.  This  pleated skirt is only $30 and almost exactly the same! 

||   1   ||   2   ||   3   ||   4   ||

I typically wear  faux white pearl and or  crystal stud earrings the last couple of years so it's nice to have something more casual in my jewelry drawer. 

Currently 45% off! I just ordered this one and I love that you can pull the V-neck to breast feed if that's the season of life your in. This  one is also another great option for breastfeeding moms.

Under $30! and this is only style of "heel" I typically wear, especially since becoming a mom. I feel dressed up, yet also solid on the ground. 

Pleated skirt designs are fairly pricy I've come to learn; however, I believe this piece is a classic, and would even pass to be part of a capsule wardrobe.  This  pleated skirt is only $30 and almost exactly the same! 

Winter Coats
I just bought this  pink winter coat for $35 dollars! And with promo code PREPARTY it's still on sale until today! If your size is sold out, here are some other options, and all under $100. 

I loved putting together these toddler friendly outfits!! Especially since it can be challenging to feel pulled together with little ones around yet, also so important for our self-care. 

I wish all of you have a very happy, relaxing, and joyous weekend before all the turkey madness begins!

Warmly, Steph