December 18, 2018

Toddler Girl Stocking Stuffers

Toddler Girl Stocking Stuffer Guide
For the first time ever, I purchased ALL my stocking stuffer items online! Including these pink cherry flavored candy canes. I LOVE online shopping so, I decided to start changing how I spent my week before Christmas. Usually you’d find me gathering items up and down the isles of Target (which I love it there) though starting this year, I wanted to focus on what I love the most about this week… baking!

And since Christmas is officially a week away (Ekk!) I decided to use every mom’s best friend, Amazon in creating a last-minute Toddler Girl Stocking Stuffer guide.  

For under $13 I got Abby these pink and white striped jammies and a pair of darling reindeer slippers to go with it! I swear she could live in those jammies and slippers all week if I let her however, we love our bath time, specially bubble bath! So naturally this bubble bath is making its way into her stocking.

Also, this pom-pom hat Abby has been wearing all season long which is even cuter in person, I swear! So I had to add it!

When we go out to eat, these magnetic stacking blocks are a favorite pass time of Abby’s and it’s so fun to see her create towers and structures. (While at the same time teaching her about patience and persistence.) We are headed on a snow vacation next month so I found these organic snow mittens which I really love because they are attached! No lost mittens in the snow!! Amen. 

Then lastly, I put these felt fruit and veggie baskets in her stocking last year to go with her DIY upgraded all white play kitchen. So, I had to add these since we play with ours daily over here. You can find both cheaper at Ikea although, it's also really nice the week before Christmas to have them delivered! : )

I hope this Toddler Girl Gift Guide helps you with your last minute shopping! And check back soon, I have another blog post coming later this week!!!

Warmly, Steph

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