January 24, 2022

Valentine’s Gifts || Tutus + Sweet Treats

Girls Baskets

Valentine gifts
Valentine gifts
Valentine gifts
Valentine gifts

Valentines Gifts

Valentine gifts

Emma (2.5 years)

Metal Bin

Pink Spray Paint 

DIY Heart Hot Air Balloon (tutorial here)

Kitten Doll C\O Cuddle+Kind

Pink Tutu

White/Ivory + Pastel Star Shirt

Cuddle Bug Book

Clear Heart Container

Ice Cream surprise poppers

Wooden Play Sweet Treats

Video tutorial on  “How-To" make your own DIY heart hot air balloon baskets, here. Then if you liked the girls baskets this year, you might like the first ones with a more simple style of the heart hot air balloon baskets here!

Warmly, Steph

January 19, 2022

Valentine Cookie Treat Hack(s) Drizzle Frosting


3 Valentine Cookie Treat Hack(s) 

|| 1 ||

Drizzled frosting technique over heart shaped sugar cookies from a Martha Stewart magazine I purchased a few years back

|| 2 ||

Sugar cookies pre-made + or from whichever season of motherhood you’re in… (Target, Local Bakery, or handmade) we’ve done them all so far!

|| 3 ||

DIY piping bags from plastic baggies, oh yes! + our royal icing recipe?!👇🏻

Royal icing

1/2 bag of confectioners sugar 

4 egg whites

1 drop of pink + purple frosting 

in two separate bowls. White (no need!) 

MAKING NOTE: video tutorial/Instagram reel, here. + I’ve learned a little bit of water can help your frosting be more “runny” so it drizzles for you. Both with our recipe or pre-made ⭐️ All details/supplies I could sourced here.


January 15, 2022

Love Corner Decor

Love decor

Love is in the air x3 over here with these heart hot air balloon craft kits from  Mini Maker Design Co!+ although our home is kept fairly very minimal for Valentines, the girls rooms gets lots of love!! I actually have something new + special planned for my oldest rooms which I’ll create + share both to her and you in 2 weeks. Something I’ve never attempted, yet delighted to give it a whirl! + since we were very curious about all the details of this space over in Instagram, listed is everything I could find below.

Resources for this little sweet spot is below:

 Heart Hot Air Balloon Craft Kit (Mini Maker Design Co)

Gold Star Wall Decor 

Flower Pillow

“You’re Gold” Star Decor - Hobby Lobby 2019


Pink Book (my oldest fav!)

If you liked this post, you might like this round up of Valentine decor, sweet treats + crafts here!

January 11, 2022

MLK Craft || Heart Printable

MLK a craft
MLK a craft
MLK a craft

 Recommend card stock for sturdiness + as a creator, I so admire and appreciate the man who once had a dream + was brave enough to create, make + share it with the world to help us all be better. As he once said, "It's always the right time, to do the right thing."      - Martin Luther King

To download + print your heart template, click here.

January 10, 2022

Valentine Collection || Mini Maker Design Co

Valentines craft for kids

valentine paper crafts for kids
valentine paper crafts for kids

The girls heart so balloon Valentine baskets via 2020 is what inspired this craft for Mini Maker Designs Co mini Valentine collection (except more color options!)

The rainbow is back! + this time with gold + silver hearts instead of stars for a fun heart day twist🤍
Valentines craft for kids

All of these colors + designs will be listed as PREORDER 1/11 5pm PST for Mini Makers Design COs mini Valentine collection!

Craft kits are complete with everything you need to create each design, including a photo of the design to reference while making + a "How-To" video tutorial link for you and your mini maker if needed will be emailed to your Etsy inbox once your craft kit ships! Another new feature to these kits (along with some super sweet gold hearts inside) Because well… you’re gold. Solid gold.⭐️

PREORDER (1-1.5 week ship by date)

Mini Maker Design Cos Valentine Collection launches 


5pm PST || 8pm EST

Holiday Storage Hack


Created a new holiday decor + extra craft supply storage system for the year which I'm so so excited to start! As I've heard tons of you do something very similar to this! + a few of you even take photos of what's in your storage to help not only you, though also your spouse know where things are : ) Genius!

Basic concept? + what I'm trying out?! Created DIY labels using this gold vinyl for my all time favorite white storage bins. They hold up fantastic in the garage and are also beautiful to look at (something I appreciate in the garage + our closets!) 

Then I typed up everything inside them on my computer in a list format. Printed it out + placed on top of each bin. This way I can actually remember in a year what we have while also seeing storage wise what we  have room for to add as our collection is still growing. 

Storage Resources

White Storage Bins

Gold Vinyl



I’ll let you know in a year how it works out for us!😉

January 1, 2022

DIY NYE Noise Makers


Noise makers

Do you have any left over wrapping paper rolls?! We cut one into 4s to make our own  DIY noise makers in helping our girls ring in the New Year for nooner! (count down at 12pm) sandwiched with a  paper plate disco ball craft before + sparkling cider after noon.

To make it truly unique for the holiday, as you can see I cut out "2-0-2-2" from card stock + glue gunned one to each roll. (Glue gunned felt needed in making sure the numbers stayed on as they shook them) Here's what we did!

Wrapping paper roll (makes 4-5)
Wrapping paper (4 styles)
Elmer’s Glue
Glue gun
Rice (inside rolls)
Card stock (gold, pink + silver)
Gold ribbon - optiona

How we made ours:
*Cut wrapping paper roll into 4/5s

Step 1
*Cut card stock squares + glue one wrapping paper roll to end so it covers

Step 2
*Add rice to each wrapping paper roll

Step 3
*Glue gun other wrapping paper side with square card-stock so rice stays in. 

Step 4
*Cut off extra card stock on both ends so it becomes a perfect circle. 

Step 5
*Wrap each wrapping paper roll with different style of wrapping.

Step 6
*Glue gun 2 stars on top by also over lapping one star point of each star to the other.

Step 7
*Glue gun number set I&II to front + back of top portion to your wrapping paper roll as well to the “stars” in the middle so everything creates a tent shape.

*Shake, jump, run + have fun!

Disco Ball Craft “How-To” here.