March 22, 2021

DIY Doormat || BE HOPPY

DIY Doormat

Blank Doormat  ||  My Pink Dress  ||  More Fun Doormats (non-DIY) here! 

Of all the DIY doormats designs + sayings I've done this one has to be the quickest + most budget friendly as it took just about 90 minutes or less using 4 supplies (blank doormat, card stock, white paint + a sponge brush!) The front porch decor was simply to help others feel + BE HOPPY this spring! Here's how I made this one.

DIY Doormat How To:

1) Printed out, "Be Hoppy" in French Script Size 650 on card stock paper. Then just, letter "B" capitoalized in size 650. 

2) Exactor knife to cut inside the "B" for one rectangle then once I was "in" cut the entire letter out with my gold scissors which reeaallllyyy speed up the cutting process!

3) Dabbed white acrylic paint up + down over the DIY card stock, "Be Hoppy" stencil with two coats (basically all the paint!) to make the white bold.

4) Spray with sealer + done!

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March 14, 2021

Big + Little Bunny || Girls Easter Baskets

Girls Easter Baskets
Girls Easter Baskets
Abby (4.7 years)
Lucy The Lamb Special Pastel Colors C/O Cuddle + Kind
Swiss Dot Shoes C/O Mon Petite 
Big Bunny Flag Mama Jots collaboration x C/O Whimsical Darlings Co
Bunny Dolls + Accessories C/O Moon Flower

Girls Easter Baskets
Emma (1.7 years)
Hannah The Bunny C/O Cuddle + Kind 
Sunnies - Target dollar spot
Swiss Dot Shoes C/O Mon Petite 
Little Bunny Flag Mama Jots collaboration x C/O Whimsical Darlings Co

And if you like this years Easter Basket! As it's honestly my favorite bunny baskets I've done so far... you might also like last years Easter Basket designs, here!

March 2, 2021

Paper Plate Crafts || Easter Series

paper plate craft Easter
The Bunny is back! + this time in pink with gold whiskers! 
Video demo for this craft can be seen here.

Easter paper plate crafts
Egg pastel wreath was a concept inspired by the actual real DIY decor rainbow egg wreath from The House That Lars. So to make one with AND for littles we picked my 4.7 year olds favorite colors (pink + purple) and added a little more white paint each time in achieving the various shades of pink + purple. As shown above!

Easter Egg paper plate craft

Flower crown decorated Easter egg for our first paper plate craft this Easter holiday season! All the pinks, purples and soft colors in general are inspired by my 4.7 year old who loves all things girly + princess. Full demo breaking down how we layered everything, can be seen  here.