April 25, 2024

End of School Year Gift


end of school year gift
This time we're getting the vibe check right. IYKYK Either a fun way to give a grad money or as I"m doing for my daughter's PreK class, a simple "Yay" gift as they transition to the big time -  "Kindergarten!" 

I personally just adore the kids and parents in her class so I really wanted to do something in celebrating their achievements and summer adventures ahead. 

Want to MAKE your own mini graduation gifts?

Star Garland (tassel + silver star cut to dot)

To see "HOW" I made this one, you can watch a video demo on Instagram  here. 


Warmly, Steph

April 16, 2024

Teacher Appreciation Gift

Teacher appreciation gift

Want. Need. Deserves. 

Checking off all 3 for the girls Teacher Appreciation gift this year!

 As I truly feel Teachers are the gold gems of our world and yes...crafting + MAKING in the kitchen?! The BEST. Why? Because if I can create something in 20-30 minutes with drying time included, that's a fav over here.

The apple shaped stamp is a DIY I made using felt, scissors, and my glue gun (because of course I would)  Want a short demo on how I made the apple stamp? Posted one over on TikTok here.

Want to MAKE this gift for a great Teacher? Supplies below.

Acrylic paint (desired colors) 

Thin paint brush

Blank canvas tote 

Flowers in a vase

Gift card (fav place)

Pencil gift card holder (Mini Maker Design CO)

2 Inch thick ribbon 

Sticker letters

Warmly, Steph

Video demo of me putting it all together as shown above? Go here. 

April 4, 2024

Travel Craft Kits "On-The-Go"

kids travel bags activities
kids travel bags activities
kids travel bags activities
kids travel bags activities
kids travel bags activities

DIY craft kits for "On-The-Go?! Yes please! 

Originally made my girls DIY craft kits awhile back for Christmas a few years ago, so I decided to MAKE them travel friendly by first personalizing each bag using iron-on vinyl with my good old fashioned iron.  

There's a great beginner tutorial for using vinyl if you're new which I followed  here.   And or you can also order your kids name custom made for you and ready to iron on from an Etsy shop owner like these ones,  here. 

I upgraded each pocket to include items and craft supplies they are both loving lately. Like air dry clay (major hit!) we created something very special with ours which I can share when we get back : ) Then I also put in these new colored pencils/water colors and reusable stickers. 

Even my 7 year old stills like creating fun scenes and images with her dog sticker book. Gladly support that for all longs as possible!

Traveling soon? and want to MAKE your own with our supplies?

Blank handbag/toiletry bag

Iron-on vinyl or custom name on Etsy

Air dry clay

Colored pencils/watercolors (pastel sold out - similar here)

Activity roll/create your own sheets DIY

Glitter Crayons

Reusable sticker - mermaid

Reusable sticker - princesses

Reusable sticker book

Then that's it! We're taking ours on the longest flight to date for our girls (4.5 + 7.5 years old) as well have some down time in an Airbnb so I'll keep you posted! Though when I made these before, they lasted the entire flight and back to California last year : )

Enjoy! Warmly, Steph