Mini Maker Design Co


Mini Maker Design Co started back in the year 2020 when I knew I wanted to create more things with my then 3.5 year old during lots of time spent at home. 

Thus, creating kid friendly paper plate crafts that not only she and I could do together, though if needed, she could very well do on her own once started with little help from me. 

This idea quickly became a passion + joy in creating magical, fun, and yet simple crafts for her and I to do. The community in which I"m beyond honored to be a part of loved these crafts so much, the short series for spring quickly became biweekly for both my daughter and I and other mothers over in Instagram @mama.jots

 Fast forward one year later + the love for these creations have grown to a size which it felt like it was long over due to open up shop. (Plus many were asking where they can go to buy the craft!) So Mini Maker Design Co opened end of April 2021. 

I LOVE making fun new designs + craft kits for you and your family at home with helpful tutorial videos to go along with them! As the great artist Lola Dutch once said, "Creativity takes courage, forward friends!"

Come see + connect with more crafty fun from me to you on any of the following places: 




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